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Victor M.

What a stupid comment. Who is this guy? So Mary raised $90,000 to buy a hooker? I mean come on, a lot of people make extra money during campaign season. It's good for the economy. Pineda is a loser.


2 million in media ads on prime time and daily, flyers, newspaper, hired crews. Yeah a Republican could win. Dee Margo DID without 2 mill.

But then the opponents would say the election was bought.

Who cars

I think you all missed the point of this post. I too wondered who this Pineda guy is. He apparently is the heir to Greg Rocha for political commentary on local races. This guy is not that good at what Rocha did-even though I rarely agreed with Rocha’s opinion of election outcomes. Only in El Paso do government/public sector employees get deeply involved in local politics. Obviously this guy’s wife did something wrong that got her fired from TTU Medical school. Must have been pretty bad-public sector employees rarely get fired.

Rico Suave

So when you cannot debate the ISSUES you make it personal and slander.
Dr R Pineda is a local El Pasoan, Great UTEP instructor and probably his wife is staying home with their beautiful baby girl, therefore a Proud Father.

Max Powers


So you’re saying cannot swing an election?




Money will swing an election. Maybe we need to ask Trump. Anywho Mary Sue Femath may have Money, May have brains. But unfortunately for Gonzalez, she has NONE of those things. The pansexual has got to be voted out. What Victoria Pineda needed to know is Anyone can be replaced - Something Victoria needs to Tell Susie Byrd. Byrd is NOTHING but Trouble and problems. Byrd will be Escobar's downfall.


Everyone here knows the writing is on the wall so there is nothing left to do but pretend that the fix was in from the start.



Rico Suave, That will be the story the Pineda's tell but she was fired for what I can only imagine was stealing. I can't see any other reason to leave.

I will do the same thing

Hold on, how do we know that she was fired? Evidence nowhere.

Max Powers


So you’re saying with certainty she was not fired?



Conservative Cris

Ha!This is a blog not the FBI. That Pineda girl pranced around treating people like shit and acting like she was someone. Well we all know what she is...thief, snob, bitch...whatever, she's not the taxpayer problem anymore.


Look when you put yourself in the public eye and comment on public races, you have opened yourself and your opinion to criticism. You want to be a proud father, stay your ass in the classroom and off the TV as a commentator. With regard to his wife, you want to keep your professional and personal life out of the public eye? Don't get a job that the taxpayers fund.


If his wife got caught stealing from the university what does that have to do with him?


@Killeen. Stealing is not the only reason people leave a government job.She has a horrible reputation. When everyone in the building thinks you're a fake and a phony, that gives you reason to quit. She was probably fired because she has no management skill. She was fired from UTEP too. Pineda was married for ten years to another professor at Utep before she was hired there and somehow they ended up married with this kid

Don't worry

I'm just here to comment on this article because I think he is an amazing professor, I understand your opinion and where you're coming from but just because you don't agree with what he states doesn't mean you have to go and bash them and their private life. We are all grown adults, if you want someone else to represent then work hard like he did and represent such as he does, instead of whining in a poor structured blog.

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