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Martha R.

You are on the verge of lunacy Max. Sure, Norma had her day but for her to take credit for someone's entire career, that's a bit rich. She also took down Naomi and is Cesar's best friend. Why doesn't she take credit for Cesar's legislative career? Oh yeah because its non-existent.
She helped oust Paul Moreno but has a picture with him in her latest mailer, which I hear the Moreno estate is furious about. It's not so much about who Norma has helped along the way and what they owe her for her abusive help, but I think the better question is, which personality of Norma's helped and which personality turned on them to accomplish nothing but a worthless apology in a terrible mailer.


Hhhhmmm The making of Latinastein in the works ? The First Latina to be resurrected.

Norma observes the managled body on the table, slowly she pours Chicos Taco sauce, followed by guvmint cheese. It's dark and stormy, next to the El Paso star. Suddenly the body begins to speak, saying she is going to DC to fight Trump.

Norma steps back in her zarpe, arms raised as she yells "she's aaaalive, she's aaaalive!

Max Powers


You thirsty?



Martha R.

I like women Max. Sorry. You’re almost my type but not quite yet.

abandon hope

Forget it, Norma lost my vote with her bad haircut -- hair in her eyes and covering her face. Makes one wonder what she's hiding. Sure, I know it's just a haircut but it says a lot. An ok look for a young chick on the beach but she's wants to represent us in Washington. Same would go for a male candidate whose hair covered his eyes and face.


Norma is in it for all Ego.

Only in El Paso

You have got to be joking. Congressional Representation is now centered on the best hairstyle ? What's next the best grito?

Cook is bald so what office should he campaign ?

abandon hope

Ask a psychologist. Covering your eyes with your hair is a bad sign in a politician. Has nothing to do with the hairstyle. Has everything to do with honesty. Cook is honestly opportunist and and is hoping voters can't remember how he screwed us over the ballpark.

The Raging Chihuahua

Norma helped get Veronica elected? Well, I now have one more reason to hate Chavez. If I played the popular card card game Uno with Latinastein, does that mean that she'll try and hoard all of the green cards? It looks like I can now cross off being a racist from my daily to-do list.


Abandon Hope, so what I think you are saying is that Norma is ugly. Got it.


Latinastein us is known for her guvmint cheese comment. Read Playboy Nov 2009.


Max, at least your not so stupid like Jaime Abeytia. He attacked Mary Gonzalez's challenger saying she didnt have a Hispanic last name. Fucking deadbeat Jaime, Femaths have been around alot longer than your sorry ass making your woman run for an office because you refuse to get a job.


Pedro, that's cold but true.


What is it about you Mexicans that needs a drama queen in office? Is life that dull for you?

Maria C.

I just got a mail piece from Ruth Reyes. She has alot of nerve going after Ruben Nunez considering she is married to a felon who betrayed the public for money. VOTE RUBEN!!

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