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Midas Touch

Escobar made the position irrevelant. In the right hands it will be revelant. Everything she touches turns to ....


Perfect fit for Cook. He's always been irrelevant.

Who cares

Anybody heard Cook’s commercials on the radio. Sad.


Voting for ? Why ? For County Judge.

Not a Plummer nor leader

It's not an exciting race because one is driven by bullshit and expectation that it's a cake walk. Anyway he looks and sounds like an old western movie mortician.

The other is not a polished speaker but his message is genuine. He wants to to stream line the county into an effective and productive entity with more than just increase taxes.

In any case who is more likely to take the call at 3am ? We know it ain't the mortician, his response to a crisis is "I'm nit a Plummer". That show he's not a leader either. Whatever experience ge claims to have is worthless as we saw during his elected positions.

The other is a proven civil servant and a businessman. He is well educated and experienced in management.

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