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Julie C. Munoz

MarySue has come to my door and I am very very impressed with her. She is well spoken and knowledgeable on the issues. I like that she lives in our district and she has a family here. I want to applaud the Tiguas for supporting such a bright star that will benefit our district. Vote MarySue!


We support Mary Sue Femath, love her humility and kindness. I know my family in the lower valley is voting for her. Gonzalez is NOT wanted in Austin. She is clueless. The Texan may say contrary, but our vote is for Femath. Go Mary Sue !!!!!

75 voter

Lmao. There’s plenty of Tiguas not supporting Femath. That in itself is interesting.


75 voter, wow I guess that means MarySue wins but 567 votes instead of 580.

Mary slept with my husband

Mary Gonzalez is campaigning? I have not seen her. Maybe its too hard for her to keep her clothes on not to mention off her back since that's where she spends most of her time in and out of Austin .

The Texan

I agree MSWMH, she's always bragging about how she is friends with Republicans. Does she get their vote on her bill before she sleeps with them or after? My bet is after, which is why she can't pass a bill to save her life.


Marisa Marquez will get blamed. She is one hell of a bitch. The delegation should have begged her to stay. She's more trouble on the outside then she ever was on the inside.


Mary Gonzalez will blame Marisa, the Indians, the Land, the Farmers, the gay vote, the straight people, the democrats, republicans, Fabens, Socorro, the school districts, and anyone she can, if she loses. SHE WILL LOSE !!!


MarySue is going to win. I can't see why we should vote for Mary Gonzalez. I have no idea what she has done.

75 voter

Mary González will win. Most of the Tiguas don’t even want Mary Sue

Closed mind

Delfino, try opening a newspaper or talking with parents. They KNOW what Mary gas done for the district.


Closed mind, I am a parent. She makes grand speeches but where’s the beef? If you read her material she’s the second coming of Christ. It’s all lies. Give MarySue a shot is my mantra.

The Texan

Mary will win and will continue her already-stellar career in politics. El Paso will be better off for it!

75 voter

Hahaha where is all the Femath supporters ???

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