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Wake up El Paso


Diversity in using .

I suppose it's boring because she has so many scandal it's become routine. Max, another example of using a group of people. She's for them, then decided she's against them. Who's them this time? Gays.

She uses immigrants, she use children, uses gays, she use meow to attack Jews, indirectly attacks Christian values. she gives lip service to veterans. On the plus side she either uses or attacks everyone, so she is inclusive.

Mr. Sarcasm

Im sorry, but she got that phrase from Susie who got that from me way back when during the Storm Water deal. I posted on someone's site that nobody in El Paso gives a shit and that's why we have so low voter turnout. I wrote to her it was the Lithium in the water due to the fact i know someone who actually test the water here and we do have a high Lithium count. I was using Sarcasm, but the Lithium is high here. I was against the Storm Water Utility. Susie thought it was funny I guess.

al bundy

El Pasoans have been calling El Pasoans apathetic and blaming it on lithium since time immemorial.

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