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Yolie from NE

I plan on voting against stout. If he wants to spend that type of money tell him to go work for some sucker! You’re on your way out David!

F.A. Sommerfeld

Au contraire, mon frere. I applaud Stout for this. He bitch-slapped Woody in front of everyone who read that column AND took Woody's money too.

So what

FA, being a con is not admirable. But, in El Paso, birds of the same feather ..........So it won't matter.

Escobar needed a bellhop and driver so he flew to Austin.


Haha Woody is a pimp. Stout is a trick.

F.A. Sommerfeld

S.W., I don't view it as being a con. I view it as having big cojones.

Fly on the wall

FA, apparently you didn't notice the amare-I-cano's sac is hanging on Escobars wall.

Wake up El Paso

FA. The bitch is Stouts game is you. He bitchslapped your dumb ass with $22,000 in travel and you’re going to keep paying for his vacations. Dumb shit. I’m voting for Sergio. At least he has a job.


In El Paso, there is too much money chasing too few elected offices. Woody has to spend it somewhere, may as well be Stout.


Stout is sackless tool.

No unemployment

After this election we will stout and Escobar on the corner. She will be grinding the organ while he dances for peanuts. He's had 4 years of training.

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