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Who Cares

In 2012 Beto had a ton of cross-over voters - Republicans and Independents. In 2018 the crossover voters will be the deciding factor - not the Democrat vote count. If you believe that many old time Democrats (Reyes Dems) dislike Veronica she won't get those votes. She will need cross over voters too.

EPT also talked about how many Democrat primary voters there were in the State. Texas is an open primary state - you can vote in either primary regardless of party registration. You really don't know the truth because a lot of voters cross over for a variety of reasons.

Turnout is great

The down side is the restriction to vote only in one party primary so crossover is hindered.

The campaign has drawn a lot of voters because the candidates are strong locally, used a lot of ads, a struggle between Democratic factions to gain control of El Paso. While the Republicans have a good candidate, once again they failed to go full court in support so that's another lost opportunity.

There is no front runner now. You're really asking how it will affect Escobar. There is so much animosity between Escobar and Chavez I think we know what is likely to happen. If Dori and Escobar are in a runoff, Chavez will cash in with Dori. Since Dori is more moderate, she could pick up a lot of crossovers. Escobar has polished speaking skills but people have grown tired of the same people campaigning. They simply change chairs. We need new ideas, a new face, a person that is willing to work with everyone. Escobar and Chavez are too much in the confrontional arena. Being the loudest in Washington is not always a good idea.

A large turnout to me indicates that people definitely want change as it should be. They want to vote for a representative not a vote against Trump.

Who Cares

I agree Turnout. March 6th results will be interesting to watch.


2012 was the last time the world was going to end, too. Like Y2K. Both were no shows.

Wake up El Paso



Dori's camp is strong/ they are almost everywhere at the polls. the only ones for Escobar are in central.(yawn) and Susie Byrd is a negative for Veronica. the county judge is exactly what Max said, Boring. There also is a lot out there for Mary Sue Femath. all this is interesting - hope voters continue to go out & vote.
Justice of the Peace are also interesting. Lots of different candidates running.


The county judge race is boring because the two top candidates speeches are very boring.


Veronica just posted a Times story about how she solicited donations from Susie's vendors and not Susie. How stupid is Veronica? Why are you bringing your weaknesses attention? Susie should not run your campaign period. That decision doesnt pass the smell test.

Miranda Rights

I haven't seen the article but if correct that she reported the news it just means like a cornered suspect being questioned by detectives she will change her story repeatedly in desperation to get off the hook.

Anyone but Veronica

Why don’t you remind us of Vero’s emails when Leeser ran for office. These emails show how evil she can be or the ones when she was fighting with her ex-lover Valentí, or the text messages she sent to her friends when they don’t do what she wants. Take us down memory lane.

She needs to just leave

Memory lane ?

Playbook article with the Whorehouse tour of El Paso and comment that el pasoans love guvmint cheese the secret ingredient in Chicos Tacos. Why wasn't there prosecution of the two hospital board members that volunteered statements that they committed fraud against the Feds? Why was she outraged that immigrants were being jailed then decided jail was good for them AFTER she learned they are a cash crop for the county? Vince spilled the beans. Why did she attack Dori and her spouse as being Republicans? Only to say HER spouse, an immigration judge appointed by a Republican administration, had nothing to do with her. She publicized Dori's contributors list and stated that Dori is a DINO. Then it was reveal she had the same list! Why did she allow the manipulation of city council to happen on the county's dime? Why does she claim that the children's hospital is a success while hemorrhaging financially? For the children ? All those millions lost could have treated a lot of children. Why does she use Jaime services then denies it ? She had no problem with giving him free rein around county offices after he was terminated for cause.

I could go forever but I wouldn't want to monopolize the blog.

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