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You don’t have a mental illness Max. Norma does.

Max Powers


You need a hug.




Norma is full of hate. She chose you Max because she could control you not out of any empathy or concern. Phuck Norma and phuck you too. Norma needs to be led out to pasture and forgotten the way she forgot how to behave when she called Naomi a lesbian, Veronica a CUNT, Marisa a fat bitch, Shapleigh a patroncito, Pickett a motherfucker, This list goes on and on. Norma stay the phuck home. Just cuz you read a book on politics doesn’t mean you should ever run for office again.

Max Powers


Take a nap.



F.A, Sommerfeld

Harriet, I'm looking at that list of names that you say Norma called various people, and those all look like accurate descriptions to me. Looks like Norma just tells the unvarnished truth. I hope Norma goes to D.C. and calls out Trump and other Beltway phonies for what they really are too.


The world should be protected from Norma. Keep her away from D.C.
Max -- there in not much to do in Congress if your main agenda is your home town. Norma is not up to the job.

Old Fart

VIVA, Viva, Viva, Long live Norma Chavez! Give em hell Norma.

What a fun election season. Just stocked up on my popping corn.

Candidates same as I-10 mess

Don't you think we should clean our own messy politics before suggesting we send someone to throw rocks in DC. If that is the mindset nothing will get done.

It has become a disaster that started a few decades ago. Each President gets personally bashed worse than his predecessor. Washington will continue to be impotent if this nonsense doesn't stop. Feel sorry for the Dem President, they're really going to be destroyed as payback.

Let's send someone that is going to get things done, doesn't waste time bashing, represents El Paso not Juarez.

Sad to say Escobar and Chavez are of the same combative, egotistical, divisive mold. So am I saying vote for Dori ? No. I'm saying this set of candidates suck and this will be a dead two years. On the plus side as Freshmen they have no influence anyway.


If she becomes the first Latina Congresswoman, the whole country will soon understand what that really means :)


Dear Max,
I think you are sweet on Ms. Norma.

small landowner

does anyone remember when Caballero was Mayor and tried to force the TIFF on all property owners around UMC so Hunt could by them ? This was before Foster donated the Med School and Hunt wanted Utep to have a Med school and not Tech. Probably the only time Hunt and Foster had been combatants on a deal. Norma helped stop that shit from going down. She helped Foster get the Tech Med School too. Hunt still got a nursing school later so he could put his wife's name on something. Overall she helped some small El Paso landowners keep their property's from being taken from them by whatever means(I.D.)under the TIFF. Caballero lost the next election to Cook thank god and thanks to Norma imho.

small landowner

sorry, Ray was defeated by Wardy, not Cook.

The Texan

Totally agree! Great endorsement! With the exception maybe of Mary Gonzalez, I'm not sure I could think of a better rep for El Paso.

The Raging Chihuahua

Is it too much to ask for non crazy and/or incompetent and/or political junkies to run for office? Oh wait, I just remembered what town I'm living in. My bad. So what's up with that tweet "My pussy is your worst nightmare." Does that mean she has teeth down there? Can she wield a lightsaber with that thing? If so, that would make a great Star Wars movie: episode VIIII - 'The Vagina Strikes Back'

Same ole shi-

There is no change in candidates and office holders. It's like watching a child going thru elem school, Jr High, High school and college. They start at lower levels of politics and wait their turn at each level.

I've saying it for years, it's "political musical chairs" in El Paso.


So you finally realized that Dori is a carpetbagger so you're going to take the easy way out and vote for Norma?

The Real Texan

The Texan, Has the fruit of Mary finally fermented enough for you to finally taste it? -The Real Texan


Let me say something good about Norma Chavez. First she....nope. Well she....still nothing.

abandon hope

Norma should cut her hair. I was considering voting for her, but saw her on tv on Sunday. Her hair covers most of her face and sometimes her eyes. Do not trust a politician whose eyes you can't see. It looks like she's hiding something besides a middle-aged face. I would rather she be ok with her face, wrinkles, jowls and chin(s). When someone wants to hide his/her face I wonder what else they are hiding. This goes for men and women both.

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