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Your Queen Norma was his consultant and didn't teach him a thing about running a race. Guess she is not as untouchable as you make her seem.

Worth digging

She wasn't the only one. There's more to the story if you dig deep enough. Makes me wonder if she didn't leave out of frustration.


Who's his campaign manager ? Whoever it is they should be fired. I can't believe that a campaign manager would allow the candidate to continue without any improvement.

We know your qualifications we heard it enough times! When do we hear the platform ?


He is horrible. Does he even know where the county is located? It's not in Juarez, please remind him.

Call me in the Morning

Can we really afford any more demolishing of perfectly good buildings, raise in taxes, voting for self interest, running to meet the President of USA not with the Key to the city but with cheap BBQ sauce, someone too busy to help the city during a winter emergency?

Anyone can spend some else's and raise taxes. It takes a leader and business approach to curtailing the massive spending and tax hikes. It takes a leader to respond anytime especially during an emergency. Even a plumber is available 24/7.

Can we afford to have a screeching voice and out of tune guitar be the voice of El Paso ? No, the sauce sprint on national media was embarrassing enough.


CMITM- Laura Enriquez it is!!!

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