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Reasons to build

Mexico is the second most dangerous country after Syria.

The people in chihuahita love the border fence. Their quality of life improved immensely after it was erected. They were tired of dogs barking, knocks on doors, property and cars vandalized, trash everywhere. Now they can sleep without all the noise, fear and waking up to garbage.

The Raging Chihuahua

It's not merely a travesty, it's an outright sin to witness an abundance of poor, down-trodden people living in such grimy, sub standard conditions. That's why I'd rather stare at a brand-new, pristine wall. The jaguars - after midnight, we tranquilize them and toss them over the wall. I'm sure Mexico won't think of them as illegal wild animals but rather undocumented carnivoras.


Blanco is the most worthless member of the delegation. I hope he marries well because he is clueless.

Blame Mexico

want to place blame for grimy and substandard conditions ? Point the finger at the fat cats aka Mexican government. Don't spend all your time and efforts blaming the US. We have enough ussues of our own.

Upper Valley

My home's annual robberies stopped when Silverster Reyes started Hold the Line. I love El Paso's wall.

Viva the wall

FIX Mexico and we won't need a wall.


A wall not stop a single LEGAL immigrant or an ounce of LEGAL commerce. It will deter the other kind.

common sense

as a person who drives down Paisano home every day from work i noticed i havent had to dodge 1 illegal alien crossing in the downtown to Asarco area on my way home since the wall(fence) was put in place. Before that i could have been the next Billy Abraham very easily. It does deter crossing and yes some may climb over, but it puts their lives at risk and gives time for Border Patrol to get there because of the time crossing. it works. i see it being better in more populated areas. Where it will also help in non-populated areas is where there is good amount of tree cover. the desert areas that dont have much tree cover could be maybe left with no wall and more drone or camera type coverage.


An effective wall will stop the horror of bodies in the desert, too. At least on the USA side.

common sense

YES, Jerry, and all the rape bushes down in south Texas. Beto and Jose must have never visited McAllen, Laredo, and Brownsville before it seems. Those aliens have to go through ranches and farms before getting past the 50 mile checkpoint. Here, we have a military base land with zero trees so its easy to spot people crossing. Down there you have tree cover and the Coyotes sell the females here and there(for sex on the trip) from what i have seen on the news down there. The land is very different over there. From the Gulf all the way to about Lake Amistad if memory serves. As far as the New Mexico and Arizona border is concerned with the bodies in the desert then just send our drones into Mexico a couple of miles or so. We may could stop them before they even get to the border.

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