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Charles Bronson

I don't think Dori is a Chavez plant. They could have come to a deal like "we attack Escobar, if one of us loses to her then we support the winner." Should Escobar lose, which I think is likely, who knows maybe there's an agreement to run clean campaign. I agree Chavez, being more experienced and a firestorm, could win vs Dori.

Heck, let's arrange a fist fight in one of Hunts garages. Chavez vs Escobar with side money bets. No holds barred and just a handkerchief around hands. Chavez would win hands down.


I think you underestimate Escobar's popularity among the young El Pasoans in this city. Sure, Chavez will get the old people vote but Escobar will win the day with the young professionals.

Max Powers


The problem is not underestimating Escobar's popularity, the problem is overestimating her popularity.

It is fair to say her popularity has been overestimated.

What is this about "young professionals"? Is there really that many to decide an election in El Paso?




Under 35's don't vote in big numbers, whether they are professionals or not. The LBGTQ group votes - but there aren't enough of them to win a primary. The 16th District race will depend heavily on cross over Republican voters - let's see who gets that vote. Too liberal and/or progressive and the Repubs will stay home. Any chance the primary is during Spring Break? If so, the under 35's will not show up for sure.

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