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Chavez never voted to increase your property taxes or vote herself a pay raise.
Yeah, but she didn't do anything else either except the drama queen thing. No one elected in this town actually understands governance except Beto, and he isn't running for Congress.

Is there a republican in the race? Is there time for one to declare?

Max Powers

Drama Queen?

Sure Norma had her faults, but let us not kid ourselves.

The only paper in town had no problem highlighting her errors, while hiding or ignoring everybody else's.




Isn't Norma the woman who "earned" her undergrad at UT while attending the Legislative sessions on a part time basis? Now that's Representation at its finest! Norma remains the gift that keeps on giving! She will be good for a few laughs along the way but has no serious chance to win anything!

Max Powers


You better get used to this: “Congresswoman Norma Chávez (D - El Paso)”.



Who Cares

Max, are you hoping to be her Chief of Staff in DC?

Max Powers


God no.

I wear shorts and carry around a back pack to work spending most of my time in my Wrangler. I don’t want to wear a suit again.



Who Cares

I trust you more than I do her. We all know staffers do the work, not the representative.

Old Fart

VIVA, Viva, Viva. Long live Norma Chavez. Viva, Viva. Thank you, plus the many others in both parties, for ensuring this congressional election race will not be a coronation. Thank you all for making it a lively, fun, and interesting election.

Sick to my stomach

Norma is a filthy egotistical pig. Her face was melting on the video she was so proud of. The hate she has for herself and her fellow woman has poisoned her beyond recognition. She serves only one effort and that is herself. El Paso, let me introduce you to the female Chuy de la O from hell.

Get out of the kitchen !

Well, it appears there are those that can't competition. The more candidates the better is what democracy and choice is about. There will be no coronation this time around.

Norma has just made this a very interesting race and there will be those that will be shocked and angry that she is a formidable opponent. The worse she can do is siphon votes from the self centered queen Escobar. She bought th wedding gown with the assumption the groom (voters) would marry her. She is being left at the altar. This should send a loud and clear message that the rest of you prima donnas that nothing is dance in the park anymore.

To borrow from Patric Schwatze, "you ain't seen change but it's COMING."


All this is public info. We cannot vote for a woman who stands by a man with no morals.

epcounty.com -Jaime Remijo ABEYTIA 7/04/1975


Docket >Family Court Cases
Family Court Case History

Case Number Party / Business Name

DR1999-003935 Abeytia, Jaime - DOB: 7/1975
FC2002-006378 Abeytia, Jaime - DOB: 7/1975
Behinds In child
Posted by: donotvote | 12/13/2017 at 00:35

Lawless jerk

She stands by her punk with no morals because she has none herself. They both know she can't win but this is about the jerk trying to appear revelant.

Just remember that about month ago he was spotted by a staffer and heard him bragging that he was at the county to get a traffic ticket thrown out ! can you imagine with her silly self in a judgeship and him calling her to take care of his and others problems with the law? cc

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