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Don't be a sucker

Disagree. Norma will siphon votes from Escobar and leaving enough votes for Dori to win. Norma will need to control her mouth and ego if she expects to win. Escobar probably just fainted and now knows she is not a guarranteed win. However it will interesting to see Norma and Escobar go at it and they have similar personality traits.

This leaves another unexpected dilemma. Norma was working behind the scenes guiding Ricardo Samaniego in his contest for county judge. Cook is a tough campaigner and even though he's not well liked is now in position to win. Samaniego's downfall is reliance on inexperienced campaign staff and suffering from Escobar userism disease.

Stout should get a resume ready as Lewis has returned strong with a lot of support. Lewis is well liked while Stout is a stiff cardboard puppet. Always yelling and jumping up and down trying to get the voters attention. Unfortunately for him no one is paying attention. His qualifications are he is an Americano that speaks with an english version of "no hablas" and "Joe-la

Dori the Dunce

Bad news for Veronica indeed.

The Raging Chihuahua

Just when you thought the circus was dead. The only thing that chubby li'l rascal should be running on is on a treadmill. People who spend an abundance amount of time running for political office-s (Margo and now Chavez) truly are pathetic.

Ole Fart

Glad to see Norma and all the others running for O'Rourke's congressional seat. It should be a fun and interesting election season, rather than a coronation for this congressional position.


Norma has a lot to bring to the plate. I wish her all the luck.

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