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I can see the headline now.... El Paso elects the first Congresswoman with Serious Mental Illness

Max Powers


Why you gotta be mad?




Who is Dolores Huerta? Some of us need help catching up Max!


Max, I’m not mad. Norma needs professional help. She should not be running for office. She should be under treatment for serious mental health issues.

I'll drink to that

Paul, I was just about to ask one.

Two idiots whose only qualifications and platforms are "first" Latina. Then we have dufus Dori with a campaign being run with antiquated methods. Will the real candidate stand up ?

Why not vote for the "first" one legged, crossed eye, transgender illegal immigrant ? Now that would be a real first !


She can always hit her parents up for cash :)


IDTT, we do have one already. Mary Gonzalez whos about to get her ass kicked by the first Native.

Old Fart

Got to love this congressional race because it won't be a coronation, so candidates will have to do things the old fashion way and work for our votes.

Too bad voters don't have this same type of excitement for the county judges seat.

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