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Ah yes the Press, those entitled pricks who think they are above reproach. Trump say fuck them and so do I. Fuck you Sara Sanchez.


Ha,ha. Perfect answer, Max

Old Fart

Saw Sanchez's on line Times article and it was good to see that she did give you credit.

Something that paper should really look at is student attendance. Except for student attendance levels at Eastwood, all other high school campuses are under capacity. Unfortunately the Times is very selective in its coverage of topics relating to local government, so it does not cover at lot of things in this city.

From critical blog comments others too must share a low opinion of that paper. But hey, it's not the reader's job to make a paper great, that is the job of the reporters' and their managers of that business establishment.


Old Fart, This is not about credit. The EP Times has been covering for certain elected officials for a very long time.

Felix Sommerfeld

Hey Harriet, without the press, the USA is completely fucked. You skipped your civics lessons to go sniff glue or what? Get a clue.


Felix. So what? They’re the goddamn clergy now? Give me a break. They aren’t saints. They’re paid assholes that do what their editors tell them. If they thought for themselves, bob Moore would have been gone years ago and Jose, Veronica and Susie would be where they belong. Out of office.

Old Fart

Hell Rhonda, sorry you don't like my post, but it was 'refreshing' to see Max given credit for this issue he surfaced some time back.

Was out of town and noticed that city's USA Today related newspaper was as bad as the local Times. At one time that out of town paper had been pretty decent, so the decline was noticeable. Guess it's a common trend with these grouped newspapers today. Bias and one sided reporting is a common refrain I continue to hear from people who no longer desire to take a paper. Angry shoppers (and readers) are using their feet and not spending money to read biased, one sided bull shit.

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