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I'm voting for Sergio Lewis. Stout did nothing but campaign on company time with our tax payers money. Advise to Stout: Go find a job(where you're actually productive) and quit wasting tax payers money.

Who Cares

Exactly what has Stout done for the $100k in salary and benefits? All I can remember is him supporting firing Greg Allen the City of El Paso Police Chief for having an opinion; protesting the arena site - which isn't even a County of EP project. I have a life-size picture of the County of EP giving a crap about what City of El Paso thinks of their projects. Oh - he got his Legislative aide's girlfriend to run against Jim Tolbert and spent time promoting that election. I liked Sergio Lewis when he was Commissioner. He tells it like it is - doesn't play games. I hope he wins.

Refund  !

Stout learned well from Escobar. Self promotion, arrogance, do nothing and uses Hispanics.


Yet, no one says a word.



So will Lewis only be getting 50k since he will be working part time?

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