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Who Cares

Well - she doesn't have a job now - so she can devote 100% of her time to running her campaign. I agree - never understood why that Sierra guy got any press. It wasn't clear. EPT tried to somehow connect it to Dori - but failed.


She will crack in front of a camera. That woman loves to be in the limelight.

sad puppy

I haven't heard anything from the Escobar camp. Dori's crew has come by my house twice already looking for me since I am the only voter in the home. I have to give it to Dori she is working hard. If Escobar is attempting to meet 50,000 voters she doesn't deserve to be in Congress. All her campaign has shown me is that she likes to cheer lead for other causes and people, doesn't really have a plan and cannot manage to delegate. Dori is really starting to look like the hardworking underdog. Dori may just get my vote. I like Escobar alot, I just don't think she has an A game in this race.

El Paso is lame

She is using the John Cook model. You know the one that worked 20 years ago and elected us a borderline psycho as Mayor. How are you Veronica? Are you blessed?

Dumb and dumber

Escobar cannot handle the everyday stress in Washington and traveling to/from the district on weekends. She will crack when she learns that a Freshman is nothing in Washington and does as told. With her ego and micromanaging that will cause the crash. Plus it will be a lot more difficult to cover her lies.

Besides ego, stubbornness and micromanaging throw in that uses the Brown people. In a rage one day because they're being jailed then the next day she is announcing that jail is good for them. She doesn't give a damn about the Brown people. She uses them like LBJ did black people. Remember he is quoted as saying that giving the negro a few programs will have the ni rs voting Democrat for the rest of their lives.She just happens to be dismissive towards all people. Can't use you then she has no time for you.

Why she continues to allow meow boy to ruin her campaign is beyond comprehension. His antisemetic blog really backfired. Perhaps that is good as it will sink her campaign. Who wants a user and a loser going to Washington. Maybe that would be good as that's a different area and there will be no saving him should there be a traffic stop. He'll have a Homecoming party with Bubba or Jose. In any case, what a disaster if she goes to Washington. "I'll have you know I AM a member of Congress !"That will be her ego slogan.

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