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Keep Trying Miners !

Now is not the time to stop supporting the Miners. They've lost every game but they tried. That's what counts. It takes courage to refuse to quit with fans bad mouthing them.

I just saw the movie about Jackie Robinson. One of the greatest and most courageous men that has lived. Watch the movie, no matter what he would not quit. His skills earned him a lot respect but his courage was really what really got him in the Hall of Fame.

The Miners must keep trying. Last year I was talking with one of the opposing team after the game. He said just keep trying, we didn't win for a long time either and it's tough !

Sad puppy

This post sucks.

The Raging Chihuahua

As horrendous as utep was/is, why would you scrap a program that makes money? I'm glad that you're not my financial advisor.

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