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sad puppy

Bob was Torres mentor. She is cut from the same cloth.

Media Deep State

Being mentored doesn't mean that the person mentored would follow in the footsteps. If anything she would use the mentoring as a soucre to better understand the methods and establish ways to rebuff the overtures.

The other problem is Moore left some deep state folks. Not that the deep state reporters need help leaning extreme left on any issue. Just read the articles and face book accounts. These reporters would better utilize their skills in a propaganda news entity or branch out to fiction. Kim Jung is probably hiring.

We need the news media to get back to basic reporting not opinions or spinning the narrative.


I think she will suck. Chicks suck, all of them.

Who Cares

Agree with your points on EPT and Moore. There is already a slight improvement in the EPT selection of stories. But, not enough to save it from shutting down.

Old Fart

Is this paper really that important anymore? It keeps getting smaller. For some interesting comments see the El Paso Inc. Founder's column for Sep 25, 2017. Yes, the paper still produces some detailed articles, but with restricted overall local print space other reporting gets ignored. Most of the editorials are written out of town.

Who Cares

I hope they clean up the duplication of local stories. I have seen the same story on a crime of some sort on Monday, then Wednesday or even the same day, 2 pages back. Someone in Phoenix isn't paying attention when they are setting up the layout. And yes, really tired of editorials from Corpus Christi, Phoenix, wherever. Sunday edition now lets the local blowhards write their "opinion" instead of the editorial staff writing a column. I miss Joe Muench.

I want facts !

Who cares, you miss Muench ? His departure was as welcome as Moore's leaving. He was an extension of Moore and the slanted view. I know people that tried to submit pieces to the newspaper. He nit picked until they gave up or changed the comments so much that it lost the intended message.

I for one was happy to see him go. The only thing that could save the newspaper is to return to reporting facts not opinions or spinning. An art that the media has lost.


Let me make it easy for all of you.

Escobar will win. Sorry, Dori you just a white woman that wears heavy eyeliner with a cold demeanor. You look very uncomfortable meeting the people you hope to represent. Sorry to break it to you, you are not better than us no matter how much money you have.

Lewis will win. Sorry, David you have done absolutely nothing with your time in office. You took on Duranguito and in the same breath gave a tax incentive to the same people you were fighting in the hood. We see right through you. You are there for David, then Escobar, then David. Go back to being a staffer, at least there you were half way to mediocre.

Femath will win. Unlike Abeytia's post that her name is not Hispanic enough, he clearly knows nothing about the Valley he holds so dear to his poor fatty heart. The Femath's are well known ball players in the area. They have a reputation for being in the Valley for generations. Mary was never meant for the position she holds. She has done a poor job because her heart is in self promotion instead of the community. Mary is not a bad rep, but her district can do better.

Cook will win. Samaniego and Enriquez carry themselves with a false sense of entitlement. See Dori Fenenbocks assessment. Samaniego is a cousin of the former Sheriff....who cares. Enriquez is a high powered attorney....who cares. Cook will win because nobody really cares about the county judge position.

abandon hope

So now, Bob Moore continues his crusade for Escobar on Facebook. If you can stand it, read Lionstar quoting Moore's independent investigative journalism. Old newsmen never die ...

Moore is a joke

Abandon Hope, Old newsman never die, they just turn into bigger morons than they were before they retired.


GO BRANDON! Agree with you 100%!

Like it is

Cook won't win, so far he's attempted two rallies and both had a very poor showing. Reportedly there 15 people so he walked away. He knows he doesn't have a chance. He won't even register.

Samaniego is doing very well and is picking up Cooks former supporters. An informal poll indicates 30% popularity and the others well. They polled really low. Stout polls were a disaster, only thing going for him is the the neighborhood issue. No accomplishments on record. Not liked at all by county employees. He should concentrate on just keeping his current position. He has a better chance with Sergio.

Samaniego will take the seat, could be a primary only.

Escobar is a self destructing candidate. She was exposed as viewing immigrants as a cash crop by saying jail is good for them. Her spouse is obviously a Republican how else would he have been appointed a judge by the Trump administration among other revelations both of them. People have wised up and seen her true self.

Dori will take the seat. Her mishaps are as a result of poor guidance by her team. She really needs a good shakeup and like right now ! One of her staff's problem is the refusal to employ new and effective techniques. They are using old ideas that no longer win anything.

Take a good look at other campaigns, the only ones doing well are those with fresh ideas but they have to be careful with the old advisors and the "I lost so I know what not to do". Lion star is another example of old outdated campaigning. He's uses the slander and hatred method. He did a lot of damage to Escobar with the antisemitic rhetoric and DINO stories(which Escobar is just as guilty). Nevertheless he is convinced that he understands and knows politics. Lies, spinning and racism is NOT politics !

There it is, objective observation and truth.

Old Fart

Hey 'Brandon' and 'Like it is' thanks the pretty darn interesting 'pro' and 'con' looks at these candidates.

The Lion Puppy seems to think Vince Perez would make a good candidate for county judge? What do you think, is the Pup's analysis any good, or is he full of shit?

Also 'Abandon Hope' had this interesting post: "So now, Bob Moore continues his crusade for Escobar on Facebook. If you can stand it, read Lionstar quoting Moore's independent investigative journalism." One of the concerns about Moore's tenure at the Times, was that he was too close to certain elected officials and that paper overlooked a number of their missteps; but would rip the hell out of their opponents. Could these Facebook posts be viewed as 'prima facie' evidence those past reader concerns of bias were likely correct? And if so, could they be used against the Times if that old shit continues under the new leadership? As you know 'slanted' or 'fake news' has been a matter of interest over the last year?

Your thoughts?

Ze plain, Zee plain

So long as the city is paying rent the Times will slant news in favor of the few infamous figures.

The radio and tv stations are just as bad. This is an extreme left city with two factions fighting for control. So the news will continue to be slanted. Most of the reporters are recent college grads using El Paso as a training ground. As recent college grads they bring the left college ideology with them. Then to keep the job they conform to the left wing viewers. There is just no way any of the media in El Paso will change.

Moore did an Obama Deep state method, He's gone but he left his minions to continue to serve those in power.

People wonder what living under an authoritative government. Take a good look. The media is controlled so we see or hear what. they desire. The officials do as the please without regard for opinions of the "few and not so proud" voters. The drone voters just wait to be released and vote as told. Facts, unethical behavior or gross mismangement is something to be ignored or parlayed as something good for us. Town halls are for appearance only. The decisions are decided before the meetings. it is so obvious that the way you can't see it is people choose to ignore or salivate at the special favors that will be done for a vote.

The last couple of announcements about construction is selling the idea that we need luxury apartments and condos. The west side will be selling condos for a minimum of 2 million ! The new idea is to build luxury apartments mixed with condos and chic stores on the first floor. Really ? I didn't know El Paso was on the list of the rich and famous. Highest taxes and lowest wages and the El Paso minimum wage folks will be fighting to live in the fancy lodgings ? They can't even fill the low rent Artist apartments or the cheap looking "loft apartments". There's massive house building while housing sits empty and not selling. Is this off topic, no.

The media will polish the bullshite to convince us that somehow all these empty dwellings and "full" (wink) stadiums will cause Hollywood and Monte Carlo millionaires to move to El Paso ! Because we gave more hotels per block than any city. Plus we only need to label apartments as condos and add a door man, voila, now the cheap dwelling will be sold four times the actual value. Shite, I heard that Buckingham Palace is closing down so the Royal family can live in luxurious El Paso. We even have beach property when the Rio Grande is flooded. and we can entertain the millionaires with human paire dogs popping out of tunnels and sewer covers.

Well, this is enough for now as I wait for the charges of being a naysayer, backward and stupid. I don't expect to be labeled as a realist or having common sense. Want to build, no problem the taxpayers will hook you up and you own it without using your own money.

Btw, there's plans to hire a Ricardo Montaban and midget doubles to greet the travelers at the airport.

Sad puppy

Norma will still be the crazy lady that once held an elected position no matter who’s in charge.

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