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Sad puppy



Mexico benenfits from NAFTA far more than either Canada or the US. So far, it has been charitiy for the corrupt wealthy class in Mexico while the workers are sill working for 5 dollars a day. This suits the ruling class just fine. NAFTA desperately needs reworking. The status quo has not been good for the working class in Mexico or the US.

Play Fair


Jerry Kurtyka

I had posted earlier on Martin Parades' site that NAFTA needs a better story than it has now if it is to have any support from voters. Now it is just trade bureaucracies talking to each other and who gets excited about that? So it's easy for politicians to take shots at NAFTA.

I recall back in the early 90s that there was an exciting story around NAFTA and it was Miami! Miami had become the Casablanca of the Caribbean with its hot Latino culture of Gloria Estafan and Miami Vice driving around in their Ferraris and money flowing like the champagne in South Beach discos. Everyone wanted to be apart of that scene and NAFTA would bring it to the central USA.

I-35 was to be the NAFTA Superhighway and San Antonio the next Miami. A young person could look at that and think to themselves that there is a future for me somewhere in there. Where did that future go? How about millions of impoverished migrants crossing our borders illegally, cartel violence as Mexico became a failed narco-state? It is like we got all the bad stuff from Miami Vice and none of the good stuff! We got Ross Perot's "giant sucking sound" instead of Gloria Estafan :)

In the UK, it is not young people who supported BREXIT because they see a better future for themselves in the EU rather than in the Atlantic Alliance. So, it's time to rethink NAFTA in a larger context than just trade. We could look at how the three of US - Mexico; USA; Canada - want to live together on this big, beautiful continent. Not NWO integration but green trade corridors, migration, culture, language, environment...the whole enchilada.

I have spent many months in Canada the last three years and they are just as skeptical about NAFTA as we are. So let's come up with a bigger story around it than just auto parts, drugs and maple syrup.


I cannot support Jerry's vision. Somehow immigration / open borders (i.e. Beto's mantra) does not seem inviting to me. Mexico will continue to mistreat its working class because the US provides a saftey valve. Without the US providing work and refuge for Mexico's working poor, Mexico would be ripe for a revolution. And in my opinion, that would be a good thing. We cannot continue to support Mexico as if is today.

sad puppy


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