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my $ .02

Max, I wouldn't say that's the reason that she wanted to wait to provide the speech. It would natural to want to highlight your "achievements just because those things were "accomplished" during your administration. Was there gravy with the meal, sure. I would venture that she waited for economic reasons, fund raising reasons and free media. Plus she needed to give the appearance that this was a long and well thought out decision.

What was the reason she gave back the money ? Was it to avoid the appearance of being paid to appoint Vogt ? A lot of good that did as there is a strong smell of puppetry.

Dori is being attacked by her other puppet for hiring an anti gay consultant. So that raises the question was Vogt appointed because he IS gay and she needs the gay vote or for pandering ?

Escobar is in the same boat as Accosta. She is relying on the fanatsy that everyone likes her. Her tenure is like Accosta's. A bunch of bad decision, decisions made with politics and bad management. So this will haunt her and stands on shaky ground.

Who Cares

I agree with you Max. Want to run - then run. Should have quit the minute you decided to run. She tried to have it both ways and got attacked by Dori. She needs to put her big girl panties on and get over it.

Sad puppy

This race is so boring

Old Fart

All this self righteous noise about not increasing county taxes is crazy bull shit. Just examine what went on with that children's hospital bankruptcy, along with the continuing 'lack of transparancy' on what goes on over there, plus how UMC keeps yearly increasing its tax rate. In addition, some one in an earlier blog post, also mentioned all the crap that went on at the MPO. In campaign TV video ads, Dori and the other announced congressional candidates, should have a media windfall highlighting these costly misdeeds.


"Dori and the other announced congressional candidates, should have a media windfall highlighting these costly misdeeds."
Usually, no one gives a damn here and why should this year be any different?

my $ .02

Old Fart and Jerry, you are both correct. The sad reality is the people affected are the Drone Voters, all ten of them. That will be the landslide victory. Landslide ? Just using a Times headline.


Dori Has a BIG chance of winning

Truth or Consequences

In conversation the other day, I was told that Democrat precinct chairs are bought via "donations" and some will tell you that is the only reason they take the position.

It's devasting IF true. So I'm asking if there's anyone that can or will verify the story or debunk it. There are so many fake stories floating around.

Youre Fired !

Well, we are witnessing the decline and demise of the Shapleigh stooges.

Dori is edging away from Escobar. At the rate things are going it won't be long before all we see in the rear view mirror is dust not Escobar. For all the hoopla about Beto, he too is soon to be gone. The spin has been exposed. Cruz has DOUBLE the war chest that Beto has. Consequently whatever he raises will amount to nothing. The polls as explained by his staff are misleading. Review the people polled. Only 29% polled were Republicans. The rest were Independents and Democrats so it is a very slanted poll designed to give appearance that Beto has the most support.

Their past has caught up with them. It will finally crush that clique.

Who Cares

Another boondoggle of Veronica's that cost County taxpayers a lot - the Tornillo Port of Entry. See EPT front page article today. It's a loser big time. I think the bond for this loser was $100M. Enjoy paying for a White Elephant taxpayers.

Kim Jung & Liar incorp.

The anti-Semitic campaign being run by Escobar has just convinced me to vote for Dori and encourage others to do so.
Her Kim Jung lookalike is condoning obvious antisemitic comments while making feeble denials.

The GOP Pacs money while denying she is a Dino, spouses judgeship by Rep administration, racism promoted by her minions and her use of the immigrants plight for self promotion. And you want to vote for her ?!

Her filth and Kim Jung twin go to Washington ? You have got to be joking !

Not Ready

Even the Shapleigh rag, the Times has predicted a loss for Orourke. The numbers in all areas just don't add up.

One down, Escobar to go next. Can't fool the people forever. These candidates have made the serious mistake of believing their own press releases. They don't believe that once they leave the city limits no one knows them. In Orourke's case he's made the common rookie mistake of thinking he was ready for the next level. One bill in 6 years is no qualification to be the next Senator.

Nice guy but no cigar.

Dino &Kim

The dirty politics are getting worse as Escobar feels the heat. She is getting anxious. She sends Kim Jung to post antisemitism on his blog and now tries to drive a wedge between Dori and her family.

Dirty, that's what happen when you roll around in the mud with pigs, you become one.

Expect more and worse attacks as the primary gets closer. There's no telling what slop she and Kim Jung will throw in an effort to steal the election.


What is your opinion about the other people running for congress like: Enrique Garcia, John Carrillo, Nicole LeClaire.

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