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It appears that Ms (is that the correct pronoun) Gonzalez is a three lane highway when it comes to sex, so that ought to get her the Dem votes as the alphabet soup party representative.

Sad puppy

Mary G is done.

Insane office seeker

Are you saying she is LINO ?

It's getting silly with everyone campaigning for office not because they are qualified but because they want to be the "first" of whatever.

What's next a 3 legged, bow legged, one ear, frog eyes, sex with plants-animals-food-dishwater sex addict ? You get the point. How about a qualified, civic minded statesman ?

I will be the "first" to give campaign speeches telling you not vote for me !

Benjamin M.

Look this is the problem with Mary Gonzalez. She loves to say she is doing something without really doing it and then she bets on the fact that no one is going to ask her to prove it. If they do, she plays a magic show of bills and words to mask her ineffectiveness.

The whole pansexual thing has nothing to do with the serious problems our area faces with growth and transportation. I think its great but how was sexuality every an issue in our area? It wasn't until Mary told us it would be great to have a pansexual legislator. Now on to her legislative career, she gets up and gives grand speeches that quite honestly make no sense since her speech impediment is glaring us in the face and her words are hollow. She is quite the shadow boxer.

I am tired of her. I am tired of her social media talking about how a movie star thinks she's awesome for being gay. I need her to do her job and make our lives better, since she hasn't I am willing to give MarySue a chance. VOTE MARYSUE!!

Open Minded

Actually, she's done a lot for the community. I and others can vouch for that. Unfortunately she's not one to seek publicity.

I would like to read what Mary Sue is offering. I always want to know both sides before deciding.

Benjamin M.

Open Minded, name one thing she has done for the community. Point to an exact item, not a mention of a speech she made. I almost fell out of my chair, when you said she doesn't seek publicity, that is all she does. If she spent as much time working with other reps as she does on Instagram, then you wouldn't be so embarrassed to put your own name on your comment Open Minded.

It doesn't even matter what MarySue has to offer, the fact that she knows that Mary does nothing but tout her "fight" for nothing puts her well ahead of everyone else in this district.

Open Minded

There are some great things she has done and very little if any mention in the news. So right your chair and sit.

I don't know anything about the opponent so if they are they'd get started.

There is no shame in my game and that's an old, passé weak statement. I could be Geo. Washington and it wouldn't matter to you what I would have to say.

You've already made up your mind whereas I am opening to hearing the opponent. Btw, I don't live in that district so it wouldn't matter. I have direct knownledge of what's she done and leave it to her to say anything about it.


The El Paso Delegation will endorse Mary Gonzalez

Sad puppy

The El Paso Delegation doesn’t mean shit. Ask Austin.


Neither does your opinion


Calm Down Nosy. There's always Angie's list - they are waiting for Mary Gonzalez, the only REAL job this gal held.

Benjamin M.

NOSY sounds like a disgruntled employee of Mary's political team. If there is such a thing as a political team for Mary Gonzalez.

Austin Amazon Woman

I just found this blog and it is wonderful. Mary G. will hire Roger Garza to run her campaign. He has a crappy reputation in Austin and I can't he imagine he knows anything about El Paso other than where the nearest Whataburger is. He lost Trey Martinez Fisher campaign, who is running again so I think his crappiness wont be able to be spread so far this time.

sad puppy

Ugh Norma Chavez showed up at MarySue's fundraiser. She looked terrible for being a professional consultant and looked clearly drunk. Shame on her for representing MarySue in such a manner. You should change your consultant MarySue or just turn over your contributions to Mary.

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