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Play Fair

Funny and true.

Old Fart

Former Rep Paul Moreno coined one of the best and 'on point' quotes I've ever heard, about a local political figure who always sought media attention. It went something like this: "he issues a press release every time he farts."

Max Powers


You mean Shapleigh?




Dear Max,
Paul Moreno was a Latino from El Paso in the 1960's Texas Legislature and was a majority of one in fighting for the little guy...not so easy in the good ol' boys times.
You may not be old enough to remember those days...

Max Powers


Moreno did not "fight for the little guy".




Moreno was nothing but a pain in the ass whose only accomplishment was in convincing the uninformed that he was a great legislator and champion of their particular cause. Fact remains he was neither!


I guess Norma finally got her wish. Now for Eliot to ask her to marry him......


Speaking of Paul Moreno, it was a disgrace to see Dori Fenenbock put him all over her facebook page and mention him as an old friend. Dori is what Paul Moreno fought against, white people trying to speak for a Hispanic community. Her campaign is a mess, she is trying hard to be from the pueblo and looks more like a pendeja. At least Dee Margo at the end of the day was genuine. He didn't hide who he was and he has given more in this community, than the 5 minutes Dori spent on the EPISD board. She's an opportunist and has lost my vote!

Play Fair

It was a disgrace to see all those accolades for a man that basically did nothing as a legislator but bitch about white people.

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