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In the spirit of full disclosure, I am a strong Escobar supporter. I do believe this delay does hurt her a little bit. She is always upfront and open to the media regarding every decision the County makes. She moves quickly and efficiently to make important decisions and I appreciate that. Given that this is her nature, I am a little disappointed that she is taking the back seat in this very important decision. While I do not agree with your entire assessment of Judge Escobar, I do believe that the quicker a decision is made the better for her campaign. Sometimes controlling absolutely everything takes you from those things that are most important.

mr. knowitall

Not to upfront about the Illegal issue and her Immigration Judge Husband. Not so upfront about giving herself a raise twice while not quitting so she can get her Golden Parachute before she announces or leaves.

Stalag 16th Dist

There's a sucker born every.........Marilu is living proof ! Knowitall is absolutely transparent about the truth about Escobar.

Marilu is typical of the El Paso gullibles. Escobar could tell her that turds smell like roses and Marilu would readily agree.

Escobar outdoes Colonel Klink when it comes to management. Then we have Sergeant Stout, "I see notseen, I hear notseen. Ya ya Commandant Escobar " !


Dori is going to win because Mariana Chew is supporting her! ROFL. Mariana Chew is a hateful hateful hack. Dori's is the island of misfit political losers.

Play Fair

Escobar is trying to control who gets selected because she still wants control of the county. She can't leave before the 27th when she gives the "State of the County" speech at the chamber luncheon. So nothing will happen before then. They aren't being deliberate they are stalling. Bunch of pussy whipped men on the court.


Bob Moore, the bleeding heart Liberal, soon to be former EP Times Editor, will be appointed County Judge.

Change or lose

golf, you just caused me to vomit. Mariana Chew is a legend in her own mind. Any association with her will sink a campaign.

Dori could win if they would change campaign leadership, strategy and make use of mock debates to prepare her. But, I have feeling nothing will change because those controlling the campaign will refuse to let go.

Sorry Silver and team. Sometimes a mediocre politician has to accept the fact it is time to leave the ring. Time has passed and there is no legacy that was left.


Whoever is running Dori's campaign is off-target. Too many cliché events and posts and statements. She won't win if she keeps those same advisors. She needs to be original, different, unique, a breath of fresh air. Instead, it is the same old, same old political hack PR. I support Dori but am extremely disappointed in her campaign.


I agree. All Dori talks about is Silver and then Silver and again Silver. She is being handled by his family which is a huge mistake. Does she know that Silver lost for having some serious ethics issues? She's clueless when speaking on issues, she makes Mary Gonzalez look like Barack Obama. Dori, your campaign and candidacy is pathetic.

Me, Myself, and Eye on El Paso

If Silvestre Reyes cared about anything besides pissing on O'Rourke's camp, he and his family would have endorsed Fenenbock and then stuffed envelopes. Trump is living proof that nothing is a guarantee. I think Fenenbock can win, even if by a hair. I have liked Veronica for a long time. Sorry to say her election is not a guarantee. Cruz will defeat O'Rourke.

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