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The Usual Suspects writ large. Note minimum $500 contribution, sure to attract the average Jose.


Dino and Rino depending on the issue and $$$$. Not bad the money folks, they can't lose. She supports any agenda as long it benefits her.

Jail for immigrants is racist on the other hand Jail is good for Immigrants. Can't lose can she ?


There will be surprises. In her mind, Escobar, thinks she's fine.

Old Fart

Question: will some of these same people also donate to Dori? During the last presidential campaign didn't the President admit, as a business man, he donated to candidates in both parties? Hopefully the news media will continue to report on the candidates campaign reports.

Snake eyes and Box Cars

Old Fart, that's been a common practice forever. Business people and others contribute to both parties as a means to cover all their bases.

Good question as to whether the media will disclose future contributions. I would say no and we are more likely to see it posted by blogs.


Ouch baby..........very ouch.

Guvmint Cheese-Whore House Tours

Honestly, sending Escobar to Washington is a serious mistake. On one day, she will sound herself as Ms. Mexico and "I feel your pain, I'm broke too" Clinton nonsense. "I saved El Paso" will be her campaign slogan. The next day when the wind changes it will be detention camps are good for immigrants. They get food and shelter !

Her record smells of failed policy, decision after repeated after flip flops and lies. Take a good and honest look at the so called record. A pitcher that fails every game is not a good prospect. The only fame would be the pitcher with most lost games in the league.

If you can't see her failures and Dinoism, then it's naïveté, ignorance, drone or Kool aid.

Dori is the lesser of two evils. Not much better but a better choice. At least she won't stand on the steps of the US Capitol Building and announce that she is a " member of congress". Just like she announced at the US Senate hearing that she was a County Judge! Whoopee do. Egotistic !


Dear GC-WHT, Thanks - You covered it all. So True!!!

Maggie M.

Say what you will about Escobar but Dori's announcement event was pathetic. All has beens and losers were there looking for their 5 minutes of revenge. It was so transparent walking in there that no one really knows anything about their candidate.
Reyes speech was horrible. He even admitted to not knowing anything about Dori but wants her to win. WTH? Rolando Pablos sister was even worse, she sounded like an angry teacher that hates her job but is going to die trying to convince you otherwise.
Dori's speech was uneventful and worthless. The volunteers at the front were clueless. Her ground team are the losers that helped David Saucedo flush his career and reputation down the toilet several times earlier this year.
Overall, I was unimpressed and it is clear her entire campaign is off to a leper's crawl.

DC Staffer

AMEN MAGGIE! I was thinking the same thing. Dori should be better prepared is what I thought when I saw her speech on facebook. Whoever is running her campaign are clearly amateurs. She looked very weak for a congressional candidate. At least that's the word here in DC.

Play Fair

And Susie Byrd has a frickin' clue about a congressional campaign. They tanked Ortega. Byrd backed an idiot for D2. Veronica's speech was nothing to praise. It was missing any coherent remarks about what she would do other than open borders as her husband presides as a judge over illegals. Kind of ironic.

Guvmint Cheese-Whore House Tours

The word in DC ? Someone on Orourkes staff states, lol. I really doubt that the El Paso race is the topic of discussion in DC. There are a lot more important topics and legislation for discussion.

Perhaps, they meant that DC is talking about the lil whorehouse in Texas is coming. Playboy Nov 2009 !

They are both poor campaigners. One is having problems with the campaign. It comes across as a first time run for high school student council. The other flip flops more than a fish out of water and her statements rival any stand up comedy act.

There we have our choices for congress. Time to take a look at other candidates. Unless we want to become the biggest joke in DC and be the topic of discussion.

DC Staffer

Whorehouse Tour, yes we are looking at this race. The person that is currently holding this seat in Texas is now a rising star in politics. His chances against Cruz are slim but you cannot that deny that he came from no where to raising some serious cash in a serious race. Now his replacement. A white girl that I expected to have more to say considering she is clearly the underdog and a Latina that is also on the verge of becoming the first Latina Congresswoman from Texas. Either way you slice it, Dori is on the losing end of this.


I saw Dori's announcement on facebook and it is as Maggie M. says it was. It was pretty bad. I expected more from the rich bitch.

Guvmint Cheese-Whore House Tours

Truth is the times he spent in Austin-Dallas was to dig in big money pockets. Of course, Father-in-Law made the appropriate contacts. No doubt he has raised a lot of money but it's not a grass roots push.

I say he is the perfect candidate. Charisma, looks, youth, good speaker and money- he has it all. But he has a terrible record in congress. Can't use the new guy excuse anymore. He is a minority leader in a couple of committees and if he was that good he would have had more than 2 bills passed in 6 years. The smarter move would have been at least two more years in congress and working hard to show substance. Then go for the Senate. Hurd passed 14 bills in ONE term and as a freshman. That doesn't happen unless you're good. The party in power helps but doesn't push bills for freshmen unless they're great. bills. Hurd would have a better chance to beat Cruz. Who's knows maybe it will be Orourke and Hurd fighting for a senate seat.

Will he be elected Senator ? No, the GOP will not lose a seat just because they have issues with Cruz. The only way Orourke can win is if there is a major crossover and democrats come out in numbers. Just don't see either happening. He will take El Paso and the border cities but that's not enough.

Who cares

Either way the seat is a safe democrat seat. So no interest from D.C. at all. Both are on their own to raise money. If it was an Asian woman and not a Hispanic running would anyone care? NOT. El Paso shows it's racist side pushing the Latina narrative.

Guvmint Cheese-Whore House Tours

Dori could win if she goes with another experienced campaign manager/consultant. It's not a good idea to follow the guidance of one that lost to Orourke. In essence, Dori is fighting Orourke and that machine. It's the El Paso mentality. Someone lost a campaign therefore knows what not to do ?? Reyes needs to raise money and go low key. That association is not helping.

The campaign is amateurish, needs better delivery of speeches and better talking points. She doesn't have the strong desire to win.

Escobar is going at this with hunger, she wants it bad. However, harping the first Latina from El Paso for Congress is not a good strategy. See what it did for Hillary. Escobar is following in the same path. Her credibility sucks. Can't sugar coat the record of mutiple failures and her arrogance will hamper any effort to get anything done.

Looks like a bad two years for us unless one of the other candidates gets serious and bold.


I agree Reyes should not be her poster child.

Me, Myself, and Eye on El Paso

Just saw the invitation... OMG,STAN JOBE?? The Felon! His wife Martie remains a POA in new FBI investigations. No one thought Trump should/would/could win! Don't be surprised when Dori does. She's a smart woman. She'll win by being herself.

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