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if the PSB bought them then they wouldn't even have to get a permit or inspection. The water plants arent and dont have to respect OSHUA regulations. They may could tell the Fire Department to shove it too, but when they sold the new owners would have to do it. I believe the Fire Regulations are so expensive to upgrade that you might as well tear down the buildings and start new. Remember, the Air is Free so building high helps.


Even if the city could come up with the money to buy and fix up those buildings, who would buy them? Do we need more office space downtown? No. Do you think some out of town nice retailer would be interested? No. Do we need more apartments and lofts? Maybe. So, we are depending on Paul Foster to continue to spread his largess on the area. He recently bought two vacant lots and we'll have to wait and see what his plans are. (A grocery store would be nice.) I can only say thank goodness Grossman was not able to "save" the totally run down, crappy buildings at Mesa and San Antonio. Foster would most likely not have wanted to tear down buildings like Rubin did. Old buildings are hard, almost impossible, to sell. Foster said he would not undertake another renovation like the one he did on the Mills building...too lengthy and expensive and frustrating dealing with the historical people. He still has the old Plaza Hotel to deal with and that's more than enough of the old buildings.

Max Powers

No shit old buildings are hard to sell.

No shit it would be expensive to fix.

But if government is going to spend money, this is the perfect market failure to remedy.

Through the sale, it can at least offset some losses and forego future maintenance unlike say with an arena.




It's not a market failure when there is no significant market for building space DTEP. Forcing a public organization like EPISD or HACEP to move there isn't a free market, either. The world has changed in the last 50 years and corporations have gone virtual.

Remember when every major city, like El Paso, had a large IBM building full of sales reps and technicians? You'd be lucky to find IBM in the phone book today, if you even have a phone book anymore. I don't.


it has to be a gambling addiction. Just a few more and I"ll win.


Once again El Paso is 10 years behind the times. Why on earth would we even try to revitalize a downtown when the world is in the digital age?

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