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Looks like Moore took a page from Trumps book on racial equality. Beat up the brown girl but the dirty white girl is off limits.


Don't forget all the money she gets paid from Beto's campaign for "raising money". I think it would be very intimidating to get a call from a trustee and deny them a contribution. I don't think it right. Either she gets out to run her political business that is 100% owned by her or be a trustee.

abandon hope

You are clever, Max.

Susie or her family have a direct line to Moore. He depends on them for material so he doesn't have to hire reporters.

Old Fart

Is the Times really that influential any more? That paper's publication numbers are way down from prior years, and it is not the paper it used to be. Here's a question: if a candidate used that weekly advertising suplement, that comes in the mail each week, could they reach the same or even a greater number of potential voters than either the Times or EP Inc? Also you have direct mail, where you can target only those voter who regularly vote.

Trump for El Paso Times editor

The Times is a public relations firm for Susie, Veronica, Beto, etc. They provide a service for free to those who are Bob's friends. Everyone else has to pay. Here we are attacking Trump for side deals and it happens in our own backyard. Bob Moore, you are disgusting for allowing this to continue.

Crowder for Town Crier

At the very least, Crowder the town gossip should do a story.


why won't anyone print anything about unethical Susie & Veronica. Both are the same. Byrds of a feather, stick together.

La Malinche

No where is Susie Byrd greater than in her own mind.

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