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What a joke! It's the voter's fault, once a thief and a liar, always a liar.

Cried Wolf

Max, the congress designated all confederates as US veterans entitled to full honors and benefits. (1957). So do we remove confederates from Concordia ? Do we remove German and Italian POWs from the FT Bliss Nat Cem. ? Do we remove the Pancho Villa exhibit ? Is it ok for El Pasoans to continue honoring Che ?

How about we remove this so called city rep from office for LYING and causing division within the city ? How about having an investigation as to why she lied and if and who else was involved? This is a serious issue ! At a minimum this has to be an ethics violation. She should be censured and the city take steps to remove her from office.

Play Fair

You can bet that VeroByrd put Cassandra up to this. Its just stupid. This action confirms she is a puppet of VeroByrd.

abandon hope

Good catch, Max. Open records is the liar's nightmare.


If these Confederate names and monuments are to be PC'd out of history, a council decision is the only legitimate democratic way to do it. Otherwise we get the Antifa blackshirts tearing them down and the counter reaction from the right wingnuts.

abandon hope

JerryK - If you're right why didn't Rep Hernandez-Brown just say that instead of lying about emails?


Cried Wolf, no one is having this discussion. The point is that Rep. Brown is a LIAR!

Cried Wolf

Open the eyes wider instead of a narrow focus. Jerry K did.

The fact that she lied and that lie instigated a problem that wasn't there. We can't have officials that start fires as a means to further an image or agenda. What she did is yelling fire in a theater.


Just because the complaints didn't come in the form of an email doesn't mean that no one is complaining.

Max Powers


Did you read the email?

If so, tell me what's the subject matter?



Who Cares

I think Coronado HS needs to be renamed because he was a whatever that did whatever to whomever. Brown is compromised now. She is also a BFF of Joyce the former CM.


Yes! Rename Coronado High School "The Fun Park!" or "Amazon Whole Foods School of lunch and recess." or "Susie Byrd High Sign!"

Pain- dejos

Let me guess the Times will NOT do a story on her big lie. This town is a joke


Isn't this kind of like Ordaz getting complaints about the City Manager's salary? City Council spends way too much time on political correctness -- but it's usually Svarzbein leading the way to denounce what he determines are national injustices.

Sasquatch is in El Paso

Svarzbein IS an injustice to El Paso. Ok, Byrd take the hand out of the puppet. Doesn't always look like he's lost and confused.

Hisorian Buff

Rep.Cassandra is a Nutcase, Obviously she studied History in public school simply because she got indoctrinated not educated. If she proceeds to change the street to Robert E. Lee, she should change her name to Broomhilda 2 to honor Veronica Escobar. Fact is, if she starts this path, it will open the door in changing our historical schools and streets down this rabbit hole causing confusion to our future generations. Than change Bowie High School, Austin High School; after all James Bowie and Stephen Austin killed Mexicans during "Battle of the Alamo" in 1836. As a historian,"Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it." Our history is like a marriage, bond together for better or for worst we should learn from it and avoid the downfalls for our future.

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