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Old Fart

Perez will do OK and certainly does not need the Lion Puppy or Veeroonika. He sure had them shitting on that jail issue, and taxpayes may soon take note if the county and UMC's property tax rates go up too much. Didn't Perez also step forward and speak up against the electric company to help local solar users?


Vero is running scared with Dori (ugh) karma Vero. Karma

abandon hope

Bravo. We needed this.

Old Fart

Now that Perez has Commissioners Court all shook up over the numbers in this jail study, at a minimum, wonder if he can 'force' commissioners to negotiate a better reimbursement deal with the Feds? If he can, tax wise that would likely help El Paso County property taxpayers.

This "I've found religion morality play" that is now playing out on the Court, as reported in the Times, would sure seem to have a 250 person cost and associated tax impact for the Sheriff's department. That amount Perez can factually quantify; therefore it will be real interesting to see how the Judge, and Commissioners Haggerty, Stout and Haggerty now handle and explain any tax increases for the County and UMC (which now has to cover the Children's Hospital). Even though some may think Perez lost the battle here, he may end of being the guy wearing the White Hat.

It sure seems the Judge can not afford to piss off the law enforcement community if she wants to replace O'Rourke.

Will the real democrat stand up ?!

Bitch slapped. ? Vince kicked her square in the gonads ! That guy is really busting his tail to service his district and the county. If he had stayed from Jaime and Escoba, he would be the Judge today. He has improved immensely.

Since Vince exposed and Wiles confirmed the jail issue she has turned into a completely babbling fool.

She attacked Dori for being a Dino and the husband being a heavy supporter of Republicans. But, that back fired as former Congressman Reyes stated on Facebook yesterday that the Trump administration was pressured into appointing Mr Escoba as an Immigation judge so she could campaign for Congress. Dino ?

Escoba ranted that jailing immigrants was racist. Then when it was revealed that the immigrants were a cash crop to keep the jail open that she decided that jail was good for immigrants because it was safe for them and easier to locate.

That's a lot of tongue twisting !

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