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Old Fart

This jail issue could have been handled much better and professionally by Perez. The immature way in which it was handled shows he is not prepared to be county judge. He may disagree with Wiles, but on something as highly visible and important as this, it needs to be well coordinated with all concerned. And where did this nutty idea of having EPISO there, come from? It's a community issue that can certainly benefit from an open, vigorous discussion in full view of the public and media.

I Love Pendejos

It all came down to jobs. Perez would have wiped out 200 federally subsidized jobs. What a pendejo. Stop listening to Abeytia Vince.

Vince for Sheriff

This was a total disaster for Vince and to see Escobar's true colors - wow! I'm in disbelief that she actually said "Perez thought I was his third vote" while I'm not a fan of either one of them this was really a low blow from a so call friend. I hope Vince cuts the umbilical cord from Escobar. She only cares about herself and will do anything to get elected to Congress.


when has Escobar ever done anything to save the tax payer money ? she never has and never will. its all about how much she can spend with other peoples money. Look at the waste on this lawsuit, UMC, and the raises. this alone should keep her from winning Beto's job. Hell Vince, either you or Claudia should run against her and let Norma back in to run for something.

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