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Who Cares

Great idea! Hope she considers it.

Old Fart

Not sure what useful skill Marquez would actually bring to this county judge position? For me she's a non-starter. Cook brings a lot of baggage, but is certainly no dummy, so I can see why the judge's position might be of interest to him. Leon would certainly be an interesting person to consider, since he has long experience in different, high profile local government positions. He doesn't seem to be the firebrand type leader, the kind that is always in need of media attention and exposure. Leon might be a nice addition to county government, where a steady hand could certainly be useful in order to control property tax increases.

Readers' thoughts would be appreciated on this matter.

Max Powers


Cook is a dummy.


What did he do as mayor that was of note?



Old Fart

Hey there Max, didn't mean to get under your skin on this blog item, possibly it was because I didn't do backflips over the initial Marquez suggestion. But as part of a vigorous discussion, go ahead and list Cook's baggage and the negatives he bring's to the county judge position. Since I'm not on either his or your Christmas card mailing list, your always frank and brutal thoughts are always most interesting.

Abandon Hope

Old Fart,

Cook's negatives? Well, for starters

1) He had no control over Council. He allowed Beto O'Rourke (yes that Beto) and Steve Ortega to attack members of the public, including a priest, with personal insults during Call to the Public when Council is not supposed to speak. Cook said nothing. Let it happen.
2) He promoted his own business (some kind of salsa) by giving his products to visiting dignitaries
3) He participated in the underhanded, corporate welfare scheme called the ballpark, then later said he was duped. The taxpayers were the ones who were duped.
4) He made us listen to him play the guitar.

I will think of more later.


I agree with Old Fart Marquez is a terrible choice for county judge.

Abandon Hope

Howdy - Please say why you wouldn't support Marquez. She was very successful as a representative in Austin. Successful in terms of getting along with fellow representatives from El Paso and elsewhere. Even though she was a freshman rep she was appointed to an important committee and did well. She also was instrumental in getting more funding for El Paso's medical school. I think she has more experience already in governing than Veronica Escobar had when she became judge.

Cook for Judge

Since the County Judge doesn't do much, Cook is the prefect choice.Give the guy a break. He could use the money.


Is she the pan-sexual? Or the one with a DWI?
Or both?

Max Powers






Marquez would be an excellent choice as county judge. If we have to be a captive audience to Cooks guitar playing I'd gladly donate my ears to science.

David K

Uh Max... what about giving Larry like twelve conquistador awards?


Marissa's father was a Dentist in town and knows about the private sector. He obviously instilled a little knowledge to his daughter. Unlike all these others who are running who have mainly only worked in the Public Sector. has Cook worked anywhere in the Private Sector in his life ?

Blanche Darley

I've always liked Marquez. She had a rough start when she ran against Paul Moreno. The Shapleigh camp tried to shut her out but she won them over and then her mentor Norma Chavez publicly humiliated her. I don't think anyone ever fully embraced her but she proved herself by her bipartisan work and actually did more in one session than Moreno did in his entire career. She bowed out at the peak of her career and has no major baggage that would prevent her from running again. I only see County Judge as a demotion from being a successful state rep. She will never receive the credit she deserves from the powers that be, including Bob Moore, who has become a hack for Escobar and Byrd. However, if she wants the position I think she can make a very convincing case to voters.

Old Fart

Blanche brought up some interesting points on Marquez, but would she have a better chance by running for a county commissioner position, rather than the county judge position? Look at the just completed mayor's race where Acosta did not have city wide appeal. Would Marquez face this same fate, since her state representative position did not cover the full city? If you are encouraging someone to run for office, it seems you would want to place them in the best position to win. Though I most likely would not vote for her for county judge, I certainly would give her serious consideration for a county commissioner position.

Likewise, though I would not vote for Perez for the county judge position, I would certainly consider him for a state representative position, because he is a good policy wonk, who certainly is not afraid to dig deeply into the details of government.

I like idiots

I agree with Old Fart. Educated and bright minds like Perez and Marquez will never get my vote.

La Malinche

Blanche Darley did NOT write the 6/24/2017 post. Max, if you have a brain (even if it's up arse) delete the post!

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