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Not a User

Ha, ha. If you're going to condemn Willie, then point the finger at the the users -- Byrd, Beto et al.


You must be one of his former customers. Put down the weed.

Regardless of your liberal beliefs, it's illegal so until the law changes there is nothing glamorous or admirable about going to prison for selling weed. We don't know what else he was selling or smuggling. We only what he was caught with.

Orourke as much I like him will not be elected as Senator. He's popular in El Paso, border cities and a small number of Democrats in the rest of Texas. For him to win he HAS to have Republicans crossover to vote for him. For all the negative rhetoric about Cruz, Republicans will not abandon him and give up a senatorial seat. Which I uses is why Corryn did not accept FBI Director position. No one is sure what changes will take place in 2018 so Republicans need to hold their majority.

Max Powers


No weed here.

What Willie did was illegal.

But was it immoral?

Besides laws change.



Split Hair

Come on, if it's illegal it's mortal be cause it is a violation of the law. Intoxication whether weed, alcohol is immoral. Frankly, I'm ok with Med weed and I agree one is bad as the other.

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