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Word is that phat phuck is getting married. I guess there is a lid for every pot. Mmmmm I love pot.

David K

I think you may also consider that no one person has a right to another person's labor. When health care becomes a right, doctors become defacto slaves.


Nothing in the Constitution about a healthcare right. Or, for that matter, co-ed bathrooms for people who imagine they are different than their chromosomes:)


Exactly Max. Im in my 50's and I bet my life insurance is half of what the fatass deadbeat dad's would be if we compared it. so why not make Health Insurance the same as life ? Obama care was cheap for Crackheads and people who basically worked for cash and dont report it. If you make money and report it and live a healthy life yours was getting higher every year. They should get Healthcare out of the federal gubment and give to the states and let them have a fund just like the workers comp fund that was introduced in the 90's. form a state owned mutual company that competes with the Insurance companies. it worked for worker's comp in Texas. imho it would work for health too.

Abandon Hope

Yes, yes, yes.

Tired of the free loaders

Beto is wrong on health care just as he is wrong on Dodd Frank. Local bankers put Beto in his place n Dodd Frank in an article in last week's El Paso Inc and Beto tried to back peddle. But back to health care....Escobar also thinks health care is a right. Look how her beliefs screwed the taxpayer with the Children's Hospital and with the UMC Clinics. Escobar and Beto are wrong, they both have socialistic tendencies. Free healthcare encourages parents to leave the welfare of their children to others. Why do we all work? To provide for ourselves and our family. Without that incentive, many will choose to stay home.

Who Cares

I don't get Beto's comments against the Dodd-Frank changes. His father in law owns a community bank. His wife is worth more money than he could ever have. Guess he likes biting the hand that feeds him.


I'm sorry. Can someone please tell me what Beto has done to improve the life of average El Pasoans? He has done a good job of creating a persona, but where's the beef?


Can someone please tell me what Beto has done to improve the life of average El Pasoans?
To do this requires longevity in office, like 4 or more terms. Then you have some power on the committees and can swing a little bling back home. Revolving door congress reps are serving their careers, not their constituents. He would do well for us to stay put. It's not the worst job in the world.

Que es la problema?

You pay car insurance for people who drive recklessly and who drive safely.
You pay homeowners insurance for people that leave their candles burning or smoke in bed and those that don't.
That is the idea behind insurance. Everyone pays into the system so everyone, high risk and low risk all are covered. Something Paul Ryan seemed not to understand recently.

As for what should be a "right" do you think that clean water and air should be a right or should that be a privilege? clear water is not in the Constitution because the founding fathers probably didn't imagine a world where we had the ability to kill ourselves with toxic waste in our water or in our air.

your the problem pendejo

the problem is you don't pay health care premiums based on income. you dont pay life insurance like that either. if you keep yourself healthy and arent hung up on meth or an alcoholic then you deserve a lower premium than someone who does. if you keep your weight down and arent a fatazz like the beaner above then you deserve cheaper healthcare. if you work for cash and dont report income then you don't deserve to pay less for the healthcare. that's bullshit and exactly what ObamaCare did.

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