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Count de Money

Max, its the way she went about getting that 90k that disqualifies her. She Damn, I cant believe Hector kept his mouth shut for a piece of patch. He never kept his mouth shut at UTEP.

The Raging Chihuahua

"A competent city government?" We haven't had that since the City Manager from hell first sunk her incompetent teeth into this city. If your definition of "competent" is voting for one of the most corrupt, pro-establishment, elitist, pompous buffoons who supported higher taxes, higher fees and a much higher city debt during her reign of terror, then Emma is indeed very "competent." Max, do yourself a favor and stay away from the cooking cherry before blogging.

Full Story

A bit of history....Emma was in charge of the city department that had cognizance over land fills. A landfill east of town in the county was reaching capacity and it was decided by someone within the city that wasn't electedto close it. Emma presented the cost of closing the landfill at city council and it was the FIRST time Mayor and Council was informed of this. The cost was significant and she sprung this after the budget was approved and it wasn't included in the budget. Joe Wardy, was the Mayor prior to the City Manager Charter amendment thus a Strong Mayor, brought Emma into his office for to apply some strong leadership! She took offense and filed and EEO complaint and I believe became a lawsuit. The City settled, with Jim Martinez as the City Administrator, to pay her off with a lifetime pension of over $90k for a dropping of the suit and an agreement to keep quiet for 5 years. So in a nutshell, she screwed up and embarrassed her boss and got her ass chewed out then expertly and with cunning calculation played the hurt female card and filed a complaint that resulted in a lifetime meal ticket courtesy of the El Paso Taxpayer.

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