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Buy me a building ?

yeah, notice how the plaza is always crowded. notice how crowded the bike land get. notice how you can't see the traffic lanes and dodge holes. notice how EPSID can't give the staff a raise or provide better facilities and education for students, but the superintendent needs aa new furniture and office space. There's been no improvement but he got a 45000 raise.
Scherr gets new hotels at city expensive and developers are happy.

Are we competing with NKorea with development of "show cities". The ones with painted on window, mostly vacant and automatic lighting system to give the appearance of occupancy. I can hardly wait for the 2 buildings of condos costing 2-3 million dollars a piece. Great idea in a city with very low wages and high taxes. Anyway why would anyone buy a 2 million dollars condo when they can buy a very nice house and plenty of space. Btw, we still high on the list of people that don't pay their personal debts.


Buy me a building, notice how your post is so full of errors, it makes no sense? Spelling, punctuation, and grammar count.

Buy me a building ?

David, I deliberately omitted the question marks and to reduce the length chose to paraphrase. I would have thought you would have a better response the "grammar school teacher".

I know you got the point.

The Raging Chihuahua

Max, you'll forgive me if I don't take your butt-blogging buddy seriously. You know, the guy who was for the ballpark before he was against it and is now kinda for and/or against it. The same guy who continues to blame Shapleigh (and his secret army of renegade campers) for all that is wrong in the 915 world. But to answer your question, "Now what?" The answer is obvious. Six months after the trolley has been operating, some politician-type of humanoid will pass a bond that will cost the tax payers $750,000,000 to replace the trolley (along with those "small" tracks with a MUCH bigger trolley and tracks. Tearing up the tracks to replace them with the bigger ones will take about 7-8 years but look on the bright side: the new BRIO trolley will be 0.00002% faster than the "old" trolley, and it will be able to hold three more people!!! BTW, Max, I am nominating you for the prestigious "Conquistador Award" under the category of 'Excellence in Mediocre Blogging.'

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