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Who Cares

I agree. They just have to beat up on someone. They could have reported on Whole Foods profitability without dragging Mark into the story. Turns out WF exceed expectations for the quarter.

abandon hope

God help us, what will we do? There will be riots in the streets over this firing!


He's a great guy and did a lot to make that store compatible with this market. I loved his wine and been selection, too, in the bistro.

Good luck, Mark - you're a good man.


Bob Moore is the most ungrateful person in the world. All he does is shit on this town unless he's doing a front page spread on Veronica Escobar. Here's a story Bob, write a story about how our taxes keep rising at the same time the county commissioner's salaries do instead of the judge's vision for this town.

Who Cares

AH: Funny!


He didn't just want El Paso Inc to have the story.

Hungry Editor

Have you seen Bob Moore lately? I think he ate all his competent reporters.

Who Cares

El Paso Inc reported last Saturday that Heins was no longer at Whole Foods. Guess the EPT was trying to save face since they missed it.

Comics section is better

Why is this even a story ? I'm sure managers get fired all the time. Smoke screen ?


It's a story because the Times made it a big deal when he was hired -- local guy and all that stuff. The City made Whole Foods a big deal. I don't remember Albertson's putting out extensive press releases when they hire a manager.


You mean Susie Byrd & Veronica Escobar's bff. Birds of a feather do flock together.

The Raging Chihuahua

I recently read somewhere that 8 out of 10 people who regularly shop at Whole Foods believes that bottled is healthier than tap water and that Leprechauns really do exist. I heard that Whole Foods will be offering a special on Wednesdays: crabgrass and acorn salad just $11.95 per pound.



WF is a good alternative to the produce at Alberts that, I think, is the stuff that fell off their loading dock in Phoenix.

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