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Trapped in a Mexican body

Perhaps the message he wants to send is he was whiteout before he wasn't. Trying to appeal to the Mexican vote while keeping one foot in the white folks pool.

Good luck with that strategy. At least Dee doesn't hide that he is a Republican.

No vote for him, he is not even a good pocho, let alone a director or mayor.

Count de Money

4 out of 6 articles whining about Saucedo and your calling him a Mamon ? Sounds like your the Lloron with not a bitch about Emma's 90k and Dee just being a dick and spending money like a Democrat. You sound like Rachel Madcow or Don Lemonada at CNN bitching about Trump every, fucking, single day. I guess Saucedo isnt the kind of Hispanic you want him to be and you cant handle it. Get over it. He is just another Peter Svarzbein. This may be the 3 worst candidates we have ever had run for mayor. Shit happens. Even Rotten Peppers would be tired of this subject. Hell, you could compare this with Martin and his Trump bullshit everyday. Wait, no, i was mistaken. Martin's thing with Trump is worse.

Max Powers


So all that being said, you think Saucedo is a mamón?




yes, but the other 2 are just as bad. Maybe worse.


Now that we are headed into the run-off I find your comment on Saucedo's insecurities truer than ever. I find it laughable how Saucedo is desperately forcing himself into the headlines with his conspiracy theories and delusional claims that solely he can bring El Paso out of the dank cesspool of corruption and inefficiency he claims plagues the city.

Most interesting to me is that he claims he can bring such change given his professional and private sector successes, but his background is a nothing but failed attempts to establish himself as something he is not: a businessman.

Saucedo lacks a record of shrewd business sense and commitment to "rough it" in order to achieve long-term success. The following article attests to this: http://money.cnn.com/gallery/news/2013/07/18/marriage-money/ . If you read the article you'll see he quit his entry level position at Helen of Troy because of "corporate burnout" and that his new job with his family was not paying the bills. He expresses regret for a bad decision and even some humility, both emotions Saucedo as a mayoral candidate refuses to show. Instead we are now treated to his delusions of grandeur and masking of his inability to lead a team and manage a budget.

Anyone can talk a big game,, but that isn't enough. Taking his professional past as an indicator of future performance shows El Paso will be stuck with an ineffective, pitiable social climber without the slightest idea of how municipal government works.

While Saucedo taunts Margo for physically missing from "debates", what is more troubling is that Saucedo is missing anything to back his claims of being able to professionalize city government. He claims to be an accountant -- routinely touting his Notre Dame bachelor's in accounting -- but he is missing from the Texas CPA (certified public accountant -- I.e., real accountant). He claims he can bring high-paying corporate jobs to El Paso, but is missing a true track record of career progression as an accountant at a Fortune 500 company. In fact, the article referenced above is evidence from Saucedo himself that he could not handle the pressures of an entry-level accounting position at Helen of Troy. He claims to have the right private sector experience to shake up city government, but what has he done for his century-old family business? He should be offering up case studies his customers could back, but of course he has not.

This glaring lack of success in business implies a lack of managerial and financial acumen. Therefore is it really shocking that far from effecting positive change at the Boys and Girls Club of El Paso, Saucedo's weak understanding of management and finance led to financial disaster? He now is covering himself by saying in a KVIA interview that "When you trust people and they let you down, what are you supposed to do?" A true businessman would know what to do: establish goals and milestones to reach said goals with consequences for failing to follow through.

So let's call Saucedo what he truly is: an ill-prepared mistake of a candidate.

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