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I think the little punk finally realizes that he may be in some hot water. He finally has stopped with the pompous press releases and posts. I would fire his advisor, put some clothes on and go on his merry way.

Who Cares

Max where is your outrage over Svarzbein illegally raising money before appointing a campaign treasurer? Again - in El Paso - we accept ethical lapses when it's someone we all like and if we don't like them - we burn them at the stake. So - if you and others are so outraged about this I suggest someone file a complaint against Svarzbein - there is still time. But you know - it won't happen. He's popular - Saucedo isn't. Reminds me of high school elections.

Max Powers


I was never exactly a Svarzbein fan.

Did anyone file complaint against Svarzbein?

Plus, the stakes are a little higher when you talk about council seat vs mayoral seat.

Say what you will about the actual powers of mayor, all eyes are still on the mayor.

You know Estela Casas is probably NOW wondering, why not me?



Count De Money

WC, Max just doesn't want Emma and he knows Saucedo pulls votes from Douche Dee. Max doesn't like Dee either, but he despises Emma. Knocking out Saucedo helps Dee. My 5 votes from the house all went to Saucedo. I can't stand Emma, but I cant take Dee either. Emma was the worst kind of city employee. She makes the 4 guys standing around the hole watching the other one dig(EPWU)look great. The big money in town backs Dee. Dee only spent more money at EPISD. DEE is a Republican Ortega or you could say a Shapliegh Republican. Max obviously thinks Saucedo cant win and if he does that these ethics charges will prevail later. Saucedo imho is a protest vote against such Douche candidates Emma and Dee. Sort of like voting for Johnson instead of Killery or Trump. Johnson didn't spend money in New Mexico, but liked to smoke dope. Saucedo looks like he may have toked at one time or another. Max, Reps have far more power than Mayor now , imho. Also, your right, Estela Casas would have been better than the others. Only problem she has imho is pronouncing Spanish names while speaking in English. Remember years back when there was food poisoning at Santa Theresa Country. Every time she said " Santa Theresa" she said it with a strong Mexican accent and almost was spitting while speaking every other word in a perfect English accent. Reminded me of a skit years back on SNL with Jimmy Spits and the whole group was eating Mexican food and offering Jimmy a "buuurrrrrrrrritto" ! Except for that Estela would be great.


CDM -- your typing and communication skills are so poor that I'm not sure what you're saying. The only thing that stands out is that you love the word "douche." Why is that?

Ear Plugs

LOL, that might have been a SNL show but it's pretty close to the El Paso way of speaking. For some reason El Pasoans like to sing and draw out the words. It's a very bizzare sound and unique only to El Paso.

Try to shorten the words and just say them, not sing.

Count de Money

D2V, Max uses that "Douche " word regularly. You must be a Dee Douche-ite !

Count De Money

Ear Plugs, for you. If Estela Casas was our mayor.


Samuel Kazungu Muramba

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