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It could not have been said better.

Jeff grad


vote her out

And there you have it in a nutshell. Escobar wants to spend $150,000 of your money on El Paso County's "own identity and values." Translated, that means her identity (for her congressional run) and her values.

Has she polled everyone in the city to make sure these are the people's values? Does she understand the issue herself or is this another one of her Chief Allen moments?


Maybe you are pulled over for speeding or DWI...so who is the AH?

Plz cite me

Haircut, most people agree or support the law until it is applied to them. I don't know or ever heard of anyone jumping for joy because of a speeding ticket. DWI is definitely life shattering even its self inflicted.

Truth be told, the Blue Line and I support until I'm stopped, give each other a wink when stopped another officer. I doubt they would love receiving a traffic citation. And if an officer does cite another officer, guess who is the AH.


Your blog sucks. It all went downhill we you started a love affair with Norma Chavez. Leave Norma where she belongs, in El Paso's dysfunctional and mentally ill past.


so who do you speculate will be Mayor Margo's staff? My money is on CoS being a former elected official


With all this SB4 stuff that Veronica Escobar is doing/ hope it brings a BIG RED flag against her & she is FINALLY reaping what she sows; Hopefully El Paso will wake up & vote that women out of politics for GOOD. Dirty Byrd to follow - wake up El Paso.


But but, but, El Paso is not a sanctuary city or County! So if this is true no need to fear law suits! SB 4 has now been signed into law! Let see if El Paso and El Paso county get sued,fined, see funding cuts or any of it's elected officials go to jail.

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