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Where was Vero and Beto on my rights to not have my tax money wasted on the Children's Hospital or the Clinics ? Probably at the L&J having someone pay for their meal and drinks and I bet they didnt ask Tolbert to come.


Max, did you read this Bullshit ?


fed up

OK, can someone please remind Escobar that she is a lowly county judge. Lets try some humility for once. All her press conferences, public letters and grandstanding is exhausting. Why doesn't she put all that energy into running the county and bringing down our taxes?


Escobar is more enraged by the felony transgender woman's deportation than she is by the debacle at Children's Hospital, which will cost her CONSTITUENTS money. But, hey, she has a new follower in Svartzbein. He put on the Council agenda an item that would require the City to deny City work to any company that gets a contract to build the wall. What? That idea is so out there that he must have stolen it from Escobar.

I was feeling sorry for myself that Tolbert is my council member but now I revise my thinking. Tolbert is the second worst council member and Svartzbein moves into first place.


The deportation of the woman is not the problem. It is WHERE they grabbed her. If it was legal, they wouldn't have lied in their sworn affidavit. She and her partner are scum, and she deserves to go to jail. But, her partner needs to be held responsible for the abuse as well as all his other illegal activities.

Dumb and Dumbest

Nothing wrong with the location. It was a repetitive offender and might tried to flee if it got outside. Federal violations=felon. Felons can be snagged anywhere.

Not to mention the idiots that grandstand and taunt ICE and then are shocked about being arrested. A lot of good that did. They're sitting in jail !

An awful stupid decision by Escobar and Beto. Then to prove her stupidity she wanted to use county funding to produce a get out of jail card ! Stout, well he is beyond stupidity. At least larry King lookalike is laying low.

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