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abandon hope

Ain't no way Dee Margo's gonna lose this race.


Except in a few instances, forums are probably a waste of time. The same supporters go time after time and throw nasty questions at their candidate's opponent. Saucedo probably knows he would not do well in a forum. Escobar's people are waiting in the wings to accuse him of BEING A REPUBLICAN.


First two sentences by "voter" absolutely correct. But you must have not been at any forum. He has been killing it. Way more dynamic than Dee and Emma and he has done a shit load of forums already. Also, who are Escobar's people?

Old Fart

interesting comments. I would have though Dee Margo would take the election.

We're in trouble if the voters stoop so low as to vote for Emma.

I'm wondering if he was in a mess running the Boys/Girls club and not knowing it was financial mismangement, why would voters go for him? Guess I better get to the forums.

Common sense

He has been killing it? By which you mean, he screams facts to see what sticks? I was not I impressed by his performance of no solutions, no plan, no experience. I don't need a cheerleader to get me some El Paso Spirit. Keep my taxes down, quit acting like juveniles on council and shut the f*ck up.

abandon hope

Sometimes candidate forums make a difference in elections. Not so this year. This is a May election not connected to any national or state races. The winners in this year's election will be those who have the most friends and family turn out to vote. Dee Margo has friends all over El Paso. The only way David Saucedo will win is if he has a huge family that votes.


To bad we cannot vote for City Manager....
We need a Mayor that is pro-El Paso such as Dee Margo!

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