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Who Cares

Oh yes-I think Cesar Blanco would be the better candidate. He doesn't have the baggage Escobar has. But Houghton and Escobar have become super BFF's. Wonder if Houghton will try to play kingmaker in this race.


Ok let me get this straight. My parents still live in El Paso so my following assessment is based on Christmas visit conversations, online news sources and blogs such as Max. Max, you are awesome by the way. Great perspective sprinkled with delicious humor. I digress. Who is Ted Houghton, from what I can tell he does very little except works local electeds into thinking he is some big shot. There is no building with his name on it or Ted Houghton School of Millionaire Ass-Kissers. From what I can tell, the only person he has influence over is Escobar...sad. Second of all, I agree Blanco can be a player. He became a little arrogant with his win over two really horrible candidates-Gonzalez and Chavez. You don't get points for beating up the 100lb kid on the field. You're not a hero, more along the lines of an asshole. The 10 Best Legislator also gave him a false sense of entitlement so if he can work on his record (actually get something passed worth a damn) and stop competing with Beto O'rourke on who can send the most immigrant workshop announcements, he can be a worthy contender. I cannot see Veronica having the support she once did. She is smart and committed but she has made some serious serious mistakes. All because she feels everyone wants to know what she thinks. She is a county judge making presidential decisions. Keep taxes low, roads paved and then shut up. Instead, she rattled the cage at the city (I support Greg Allen), tried to manipulate city reps into pushing her agenda (Claudia texts are hilarious),injected herself in the EPISD somehow, wags her finger at UMC and Texas Tech, blows up the MPO, the list goes on and on. Unfortunately, her mistakes make her tremendously vunerable in a county wide campaign. I think her goose is cooked. So in the end, i agree, the seat is Blanco's if he can deflate his ego a bit and is willing to cut Veronica off at the knees. In both cases, lets see if he has the balls.

who cares

Austinite: There is a street named Ted Houghton in El Paso. Ted was on the Texas Highway commission for 8 years - appointed and re-appointed by Perry. So he brought us some TxDOT money. Now he is off the commission, can't get back on and still wants to be a player.

Vero - you nailed it - all her mistakes or missteps or whatever. Maybe it's menopause......

abandon hope

Max - You are hilarious. You are disgusting. No vagina is tight on wedding night these days. If Cesar Blando can piss off Vero, got for it Cesar.


Maybe the best blog I've read in a long time. Gives me hope that we won't have to have Escobar around forever...because if she does get a congressional seat, she won't be pushing for term limits like Beto. She will plant herself in D.C. and we'll be stuck with her forever.

Too dumb to care

Who cares, Big phucking deal. A street? They named a school after a EPISD corruption superstar. He didn't bring El Paso much, he cut deals to benefit his own business. Where's the outrage on that transparency secret?


Max, I thought you disliked Blanco ? Or is it you like Escobar less ?

Max Powers


Yes, Blanco is a douchebag.

But that being said, I'd be a dumbass if I thought Blanco could NOT be El Paso's next congressman. He has everything going for him and he could have it sewn up by Labor Day...if he wants too.

If in 2019 Blanco is not a Congressman, it's because he didn't want to be a Congressman.




Don't want Blanco, but better than Escobar. She has burned a lot of bridges and O'Rourke should stay the hell away from her.

Johnson Voter

So Max, your theory is keep your enemies close, but keep the lessor enemy closer ? Why not someone else ? You believe no one else can win ?

Max Powers


Enemies? We are talking a Democratic primary, not geopolitical realpolitik.

And it is not about what I believe.

As it stands, assuming Oscar Leeser, who can self-finance, does not run, Veronica Escobar will be your Congresswoman.

Now if Blanco announces he is running, Leeser won't bother, and more than likely, neither will Escobar.

As far as any one else...no, there is not anyone else.



Fingers Crossed

Blanco WILL run for Congress and win. He is obviously the best choice. Does he need some tweaking, sure.

As previously stated, stop being arrogant and concentrate on ways to improve the district. Not waste time and energy on issues that cannot be changed. I am surprised that Beto is running on the idea that he can win with the Border vote. He's about to find out that El Paso is an island and only here he is known. He doesn't have stellar record as a Congressman.

Escobar in Washington, now that is what would make her Ms. Super Arrogance. And finish sinking El Paso. I was embarrassed when she chose to school Sen Mc Cain that she is a County Judge. It was a Barnie Fife moment.

Blanco has to take the seat !


Oh my goodness, If Blanco beats Escobar it will be a repeat of Obama v. Hillary where a slim young politico beats a haggard, swollen, has been who thinks she deserves the seat. The haggard, swollen, has been has a lot in common with Hillary:
They are out of touch. No one likes them. They look down upon anyone who slightly disagrees with them.
In comparison, Blanco seems like a breath of fresh air.


If Blanco didnt run would Norma stand a chance against Escobar ?


I'm throwing some names out therre. curious as to your reaction.

Carlos Rivera of Legacy, Barbara Carrasco, Sam Mortgan, Chief Allen, Dayoub of Chamber.

Max Powers


My reaction to what?

Can they all run? Yes.

Can they all win? No.

Cesar has little to no baggage, all the Democratic credentials, military service, and access to money to win the Congressional by merely announcing that he is running.



Norma Norma Norma

What about Norma Max ? Could she hang with Veronica or Blanco ? It would be fun.


Norma is a bitch. Leave her in her kennel please.

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