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Too dumb to care

I don't think many of us had very high hopes for Beto. We just didn't want Reyes anymore and Beto can't embarrass us as badly as Reyes did. Disappointed? nah Apathetic? yes

abandon hope

Problem is -- Beto thought he could go to DC and be his own man. Nay not so. He found out he has to tow the Democrat party line and that's a problem because some of those who elected him in El Paso are Republicans. Can he get votes statewide? As many as any Democrat except that he would first have to beat one of the Castro brothers in the primary. Maybe he's wondering if it's worth it.

Max Powers


Castros won't run in 2018. They will play it safe.




Beto turned out to be a flaming liberal. His true colors showed once he got to DC. Escobar would be worse. I hope Beto stays where he is.



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