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Morning dookie

I just about fell off the toilet seat this morning when I read Lionstar about how he doesn't go personal and then went personally after Dee's campaign volunteer for warning him about how incompetent and worthless Abeytia is. Jaime, youre a douchebag.


David Saucedo won this case. He did not allow himself to get screwed over. And as mayor, he will not allow El Paso taxpayers to be screwed over either.

Max Powers

Please describe the "win".



Hairy beast

I'm from the west Texas town of El Paso where douche bags grow on trees.

I didn't know we

I lost my virginity in El Paso and the constant assaults that are supposedly good for me are nonstop. It no longer safe to bend over and tie my shoe when there is an El Paso politician nearby. The only thing that changes everytime is the technique and explanation as to why I welcome the action, how good it is for me and how I will look like someone else in another city.

I tried telling I can't afford to continue bending over only to be ignored and told how backward I am. Being backward is root
of the problem.(no pun intended)


I don't know we, your fucking crazy. Stay off the sauce and the blogs.

I didn't

El Paso dishonest politics and taxes are enough to make anyone drink.

Just telling like it, crude but true. My apologizes if it is offensive.

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