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Old Fart

El Paso is on the top ten list of nonpayment of individual debt so is it a surprise that we would have elected officials that go on spending sprees? And voters that agree with the spending, borrowing to almost a billion dollars. Not to mention the mantra of "it's free money" !

If it is him, he is ready for the job. It doesn't take a genius to spend but it does to budget.


What a little p***y, I guess he couldn't just resign as an American Express member and avoid any responsibility like he did with the Boys and Girls Club. Loser....


speaking of funding and free money, El Paso is on list of cities to lose federal funding because it does not accept ICE detainers.


how disappointing. Looks like this kid needs a good shave and to get his affairs in order

Dr. Doogie

I think we are voting for Dee. Emma is a part of the entire mess at city hall and David clearly doesn't know the meaning of responsibility. What does Emma do for a living anyway?

Common sense

Emma is a jack of all trades, master of nothing. She lives off her lawsuit settlement. Still in the government tit. Ya basta con Emma


Good lord people. Dee got his money from where ? His wife's Father ?
Basically spoon fed into the suegro's business? Dee is owned by Foster and Hunt too and will do anything they want whether its good for the average taxpayer or not. He is just a Republican Steve Ortega. Shit, if Foster and Hunt wanted the new city hall(El Paso Times) to be torn down so we could put the Arena there he would do it. Acosta is an Ex-worthless city employee. Saucedo looks better and better each day. Hell, i didnt use American Express for years because they fucked me on interest when they mail out there bills so late. IMHO they used to do that on purpose. i quit them for 15 years until Cosco made you get there card to get gas.

Watch who donates to who and follow the money.

Max Powers


First of all, AMEX is awesome. It is you who sucks.

Secondly, I'll have some words about Dee, but I'll save that for the next post.

Thirdly, all candidates are "for" the arena.



Common sense

David is pathetic. His stupid You Tube videos are like SNL skits. Is this guy for real? A boxing match? Sounds like this guy is all EGO. No thanks. We've had that on council and look where we are now. Buh bye Saucedo.


Saucedo has potential but needs more time to grow up, get some experience and a little backbone. Margo is probably the only one who can manage the out of control council. And to answer your question -- no, I do not want a mayor that over spends. Been there, done that.


David came by my house a couple weeks back. He sounds like a used car salesman. He looks terrible and unkept. I agree he needs to shave and trim down the hair. Also, he will say just about anything for a vote. He had no platform. I was thoroughly unimpressed.


You pretty much admit in this post this isn't his lawsuit but still decide to post, cause people are stupid and will go along with it anyway. And you can say, "Hey, I said it probably wasn't his". Cute, Max. Very cute.

Max Powers


Well you are more than welcome to check it out yourself.

If I am wrong, I'll do a post saying I was wrong.



Max Powers


One more thing, aren't you running Saucedo's campaign?

Why you are spending time on this?




Toilet reading. Love your shit. Big fan of Abeytia's blog as well. David K is pretty bland, but every now and then puts something interesting. And Parades, oh my god! No one gives a shit about what you think of Trump! Time to wipe.


Stahala, how is Teresa C. doing ? Hope she is doing well. I agree with you on Paredes.

Hairy beast

Stahala, shouldn't you be combing more grease onto Davids hair and beard? Don't forget your place so early in the campaign.

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