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But it's a nice slogan. Country Over Party. Has a nice ring to it.

Cruz Missile

Beto is proving to be a political dumbass.
He spends more time advocating for "dreamers" and "refugees" than for his taxpaying constituents. Look at all the latest bills he is trying to pass.


Someone should ask Beto about the Veterans. He ran on improving their care yet El Paso still ranks among the nations worst while Beto is all wrapped up in Dreamer issues.

Hey Beto -- the vets don't care about the Dreamers. They do care that you fulfill your promises on improving the VA. If you can't get even a tiny improvement there, you're not ready for the Senate.


If Texans vote in this lying blow dried weasel Robert O'Rourke he is going to turn the place into another California. Don't Do It.
Dreamers? ha! That's all these commie bastards think about because all they care about is power and votes.

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