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Arlene Taute

Hate to think anyone would vote for Escobar.


I might prefer to move rather than have Escobar my representative.

true colors

Chanclas escobar & Moreno Blanco = Tolbert (self serving)

Vladimir Putin

that raise she(Escobar) gave herself with all her fuckups(CH)and my hacking will cause her to lose. at least i will get blamed.


Beto should stay in Congress in his secure seat. No way a Dem is going to get elected to Senate in Texas.

Max Powers


I think Beto could pull it off, or at the very least, make it interesting.




Max, Beto has been a pretty good rep for El Paso IMHO and has the job for as long as he wants it. Why risk obscurity by losing an unwinnable Senate race? He's too young to be obscure and it would be a real waste.


There's no way Beto could win a Senate seat from Texas.
I will write his attack ad for you now:
"Beto is a gun grabbing (wants fly listers to not have guns without due process), Dreamer loving (has had active town halls for undocumented while ignoring his constituents), progressive liberal who attacked the African American police chief of one of the safest cities in the US and who once stated he wants the Catholic Church to perform gay wedding ceremonies."


Beto is one of a handful of Congressmen pushing for term limits and, I might add, he appears to be the only Democrat doing so. I think he'll stick to his campaign promise and give up the seat.


The only ones that will have the money to run are blanco and Leeser. Escobar can't afford a number 2 at whataburger.

Who cares

Cruz has introduced a bill in the Senate for term limits.

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