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abandon hope

Well said. Tolbert does not have the temperament to be where he is. His MO is: blow top/attack, apologize, blow top/attack again. True repentance includes an sincere, concerted effort to not commit the offense again. He never gets to that part.

Who cares

Well you know the saying "if the shoe fits..." Patino deserved to be called that - but not in a public meeting by a city council person. The red head in the audience - obviously some liberal arts major at UTEP records everything that group says, does, eats, sleeps.....so be careful around her.

low class

if it wasn't for low standards, the jerk wouldn't any standards at all.


Even if Tolbert did elevate himself from an entitled child to a jerk who evidently has no self control...he is an embarrassment on City Council. Even sitting among the likes of Niland and Limon, he stands out as the loser. He cannot seem to control himself. From writing letters, to calling names, to lying, he does not have the temperament to be in a leadership position. Boot him out.


Run Marisa Run!


Well, imagine if it had been Ms Aztalan. You know, let's all have some peyote and get along.

The Raging Chihuahua

I take umbrage to the title of this post 'Tolbert and Assholes' because the blogger is obviously being redundant. Actually, Tolbert is not merely an asshole but an anti environmentalist asshole. I mean he did vote for Hitlery - blood thirsty, war monger (war is bad for the environment) and someone who wanted to put a strain on our environment by continuing to ship in third world, Paleolithic savages - more demoncrat voters. He also demanded a fancy steak dinner (vegetarianism is more pro environment.) And let's not forget that he wants to spend a fortune tearing down a building so we can have a new building that's five feet wider. Congratulations Timmy, you have won the inaugural "Anti Environmentalist Asshole of the Year" award.

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