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Pandering and he wants to be a US senator? He's as dumb as Jose Rodriguez. No clue how to play the game.

Max Powers


Beto is your daddy.




Well then my daddy is goddamn fool and needs to stay home.


Beto should quit lobbing insults and concentrate on El Paso's VA, which ranks as one of the worst in the country. Instead, he is busy pushing his personal agenda which is open borders. Beto promised a better VA but after four years in DC, what has Beto accomplished? Not much.


I understand Beto was the "water boy" for the soon to leave occupant of our White House.

piss on him

what a fucking hypocrite. he is nothing but a lobbyist for his daddy in law sanders and his cronies in mexico. hell, he is the best rep santa theresa new mexico ever had and all the dtep property owners.

Beto who ?

he's going to learn that he is huge in El Paso. Outside the county he will be ignored and dismissed. Not everyone is as gullible as el pasoans. In his favor, he's the best we can do.

A rookie mistake that will be viewed as words of wisdom in El Paso.


This paleo-republican has always liked Beto, votes for him, and even contributed early in his campaign. I like how he has found common ground with GOP on veteran issues and how he has connected the El Paso supply chain with factories in their states.

Beto does not parrot the "It's All Good" BS but sees the logistics linkage that El Paso is, i.e. El Paso is the American face of Mexico for better or worse, not a tourist destination. That is realism.

Of course, you could always go back to Reyes because El Paso is never going to elect a GOP congressional rep.

The Raging Chihuahua

Beto is absolutely correct! I've said it millions of times that the MAIN problem with this country is those damn Taiwanese lobbyists. How dare a future national leader communicate with other leaders. Let's just hope (cough cough) that Trump has the same fantastic, wonderful foreign policy success (more cough cough) that Obama has had.

piss on him

Jerryk, he was for all the Dtemp crap when he was a rep and wouldnt even recuse himself from voting while his father in law would reap the benefits and he is talking shit about Bob Dole lobbying ? He knows he has to help the VA because he needs those votes here. you can bet it isn't from the heart. Maybe he can pass a bill to make it legal to restructure cash deposits over there at the furniture store his mom owns. It wouldnt surprise me if he actually brought one up. i know you think he is better than Reyes, but imho they are the same. Just a different family.


Beto let his congressman title go to his head just like Reyes did. I was hoping that would not happen...but put a home boy in DC and watch the head swell.

abandon hope

Totally agree that Beto voted on lots that City Council passed when he shouldn't have. Major conflicts of interest, but the City didn't require him to recuse himself and he didn't do the right thing. He also raked a priest over the coals in front of Council for something the priest had nothing to do with - totally out of place and not appropriate. Sure he's intelligent, has a beautiful family, appears to have a future but Shapleigh gave him his start. Beto will always be in the Shapleigh camp and that's a negative - either locally or nationally.

Tired of self righteous politicos

Clearly, Beto has learned NOTHING from Trump's win. People don't give a shit about transparency, they want jobs and a better life. They could care less about conflicts of interest and good government. Fill a cabinet full of your friends, as long as you lower my taxes, get me a good paying job and stay out of my personal life. All this shaming that Beto, Veronica and Susie do does nothing for the constituency they serve. If you have time to give your self righteous opinion, you don't have enough work. I would suggest you start volunteering at your nearest shelter.

piss on Beto

People give a shit about transparency when it comes to Islamic countries donating to the Clinton Foundation. You would never had found out about that had she not run President. Another reason Trump won not to mention the idiot e-mail server bungle.

Tired of self righteous politicos

piss on Beto, people are selective about what transparency they support. Islamic countries and Clinton foundation. Then there is the issue of Trump's tax returns that never saw the light of day. I am not a Hillary or Donald supporter, just someone who is tired of the selective slamming that our local politicos engage in. What about Susie Byrd's company Moxi Communications that gets paid over $30K a year from the Beto O'Rourke campaign? What about that conflict of interest? How come Beto doesn't tweet about that? Hypocrisy at its best. I think we all need a shower.

still pissed

Tired, agreed on Susie's company and not to mention her sister works for the Health Institute. Isnt that a Hunt deal ? Wonder how and why the sister landed that job ? Beto should keep his mouth shut. Without his father in law's money he would be working at the furniture store and still playing in a local band.

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