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a voter

Tolbert is hungry. give the dog a bone...


That pos is. worthless ! Now in order to do any city work he expects special treatment at restrauants and free food at that.

El Paso just doesn't learn, that why we have idiots in elected positions. Cheap bastard


Wow! I have to say that I am speechless over the stupidity of this email.Is a free dinner really that important to him? What a jerk. He obviously thinks his "position" entitles him to be included to every event.

What do you want to bet that he denies this email? Remember him trying to skate out of the responsibility for the letter he signed condemning Chief Allen?

And did he use his city email account to send this? I would say this is a totally personal issue. Hey, Jim, what about your so called ethics???

abandon hope

Amazing. As an elected representative, do you have to get a free steak dinner to be supportive of a restaurant? Sounds like extortion to me. Personally I'm tired of the perks city and county officials, representative and their families get. Last time I attended an expensive concert at the Haskins, the front row was packed with them and betcha their tickets were free.

Tolbert is showing his true colors.


Dear Max,
Let them EAT Cake.
I love Ruth Chris!


Why isn't anyone asking why the County Commissioners were invited to a dinner. They are subject to the same open meeting last was as the City.

Max Powers


R right.

I plan on getting to that



Chola Chica

Tolbert you are an embarrassment and an unethical asshole. At least the old crooks sold themselves for cold hard cash. This guys so cheap he bullies and demands free meals. Hey, Tolbert, the Cathedral alumni would buy you the entire cow in exchange for speed bumps that will keep their children safe. Heck, maybe even the old Abuelos you voted to evict out of their Durangito barrio would pool their social security checks to buy you your chunk of beef.

da real truth

Congrats You made the front page in the El Paso Times. keep up the good work (happy face inserted)

abandon hope

I'm surprised the Slims ran anything negative on Tolbert since they helped elect him. Tolbert says he "let his temper get the better" of him. A representative who loses his temper over small things does more harm than good.

Max Powers


The reason why this was published in the EPTimes is because the EPTimes does not like Tolbert. The EPTimes did not endorse Tolbert this year. It endorsed Enrique Moreno's candidate, which makes things interesting given that EPTimes has been a reliable Team Shapleigh supporter.



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